9 Gorgeous Variegated Spider Plants You Can Grow

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Variegated Spider Plants are special because they have leaves with different colors. They are easy to take care of and look really pretty. Some types have green leaves with white edges or a white stripe in the middle. Others have green leaves with yellow edges or lighter green stripes. Each type has its own special look, like curly leaves or a zebra pattern. Learn more below.

Variegated Spider Plants stand out with multiple shades on the leaves. Here are the best ones you can grow!

Have you ever wished for a houseplant that combines effortless care with show-stopping beauty? These 9 Most Stunning Variegated Spider Plants You Can Grow are superstars in the botanical world and are rewriting the rules of home gardening! These unique variations offer two-toned foliage that can actually purify your air!

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Variegated Spider Plants

1. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variegatum’

Variegated Spider Plants 1

Foliage Color: Green with white margins

These Variegated Spider Plants have striking green leaves with bold white margins. Its variegated foliage gives it a distinctive look and makes it a popular choice.

2. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’


Foliage Color: Central white stripe with green edges

This variant is known for its central white stripe that runs along the length of its green leaves. The vivid distinction between the colors adds an appealing visual element.

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3. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Hawaiian’

Foliage Color: Dark green with lighter green stripes

These Variegated Spider Plants flaunt dark green leaves accented by lighter green stripes, offering a multi-tonal visual effect that can brighten up any room.

4. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Bonnie’


Foliage Color: Curly green leaves with white stripes

This variant stands out for its curly green leaves with white stripes, providing a unique twist—literally—on the typical spider plant form.

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5. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Ocean’

Variegated Spider Plants 5

Foliage Color: Bluish-green with white margins

The ‘Ocean’ variety boasts bluish-green leaves rimmed with white margins, delivering a calming, aquatic hue that can blend seamlessly into various interior styles.

6. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Reverse Variegatum’


Foliage Color: Green with yellow margins

As the name suggests, these Variegated Spider Plants reverse the common variegated pattern, showcasing green leaves with yellow edges instead of the stripes running down the middle.

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7. Chlorophytum laxum ‘Bichette’

Foliage Color: Green with white horizontal stripe

Unlike its vertical-striped cousins, the ‘Bichette’ variety displays green leaves with a broad horizontal white stripe, evoking the visual vibe of zebra patterns.

8. Chlorophytum Comosum ‘Airplane’

Foliage Color: Green with faint or deep white stripes

The leaves typically feature a striking contrast of two shades: a bright, rich green along the outer edges and a creamy white stripe running down the center.

9. Zebra Spider Plant


Foliage Color: Glossy green with yellow edges

Chlorophytum laxum ‘zebra’ is a tropical African native and has broad leaves with creamy yellow edges. As the plant matures, thin ribs also appear on the leaves, adding to their texture.

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