28 Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants

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Here are Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants to turn your home into the best one on the street this holiday season.

Want some lush green balcony decorations for your home? These Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants will turn your Christmas magical by mixing the pearl white snow with radiant greens and enticing everyone.

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Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants

1. Miniature Christmas Tree and Champagne


One of the best Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants with minimal effort is using a wooden crate table and placing a miniature Christmas Tree and Champagne on it.

2. Christmas Tree in a Woven Planter


A beautiful and mesmerizing idea that will match your furniture is placing a light-adorned Christmas tree in a woven planter in the corner.

3. A Cozy Balcony Sitting


Create a warm and cozy balcony sitting space with plants and candles on the table to enjoy the falling snow with the one you love.

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4. Lights and Red Plants


Go with Poinsettia or plants with red foliage and pair them with lights for a stunning Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants that screams Merry Christmas!

5. Christmas Tree and Woven Decor


Add a Christmas tree with lights and colorful white-green foliage, and pair these with woven wall art for a beautiful and graceful winter balcony.

6. A Mix of Greens


Exhibit “The more, The Merrier” spirit by adorning the balcony with a mix of beautiful Christmas plants and lamps.

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7. Christmas Balcony Garden


Miss the greens because of the snow? Turn your balcony into a balcony garden with grass, tons of plants, and hanging decorations this Christmas.

8. Christmas Tree and Candle Container


Add a touch of subtle and graceful with this tiny Christmas tree paired with a candle like this Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants.

9. A Lit Up Christmas


Light up those winter evenings by adorning the balcony with tiny table planters, candle containers, and wreaths on the wall.

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10. Warm Welcome to Santa


One of the most beautiful Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants, a Christmas tree on the balcony surrounded by stuffed toys, gifts, and Santa decorations.

11. A Mix of Reg and Green


Play with two accents by combining red and green plants, and decorate the table with ferns, pine tree leaves, golden bells, pine cones, and red ribbons.

12. Dense Shrubs in the Snow


Another stylish yet elegant Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants is adding tall white planters to the balcony containing dense and decorated shrubs.

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13. Candles and Hanging Pots


Make the most of the space and add hanging planters to the balcony wall to go with brilliant candle containers.

14. Poinsettia with Greens


This beautiful mix of colorful planters and decorated plants on painted wooden crates can make any balcony stand out this Christmas.

15. Vine Garland in White


Go with a white theme with this Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants, and add a vine garland to uplift the decorations.

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16. Vintage Christmas Balcony


A homely and lovely Christmas balcony idea that uses plants, lights, and simple Christmas decorations to create something more.

17. Christmas Tree and Wreaths


Add a Christmas tree in a wood basket planter and decorate the walls with wreaths for an amazing Christmas balcony.

18. A Colorful Mix


Just decorate a small balcony by mixing Christmas decorations with colorful plants, and you have a shining winter balcony.

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19. Christmas Wall Art


Want more with less? Just decorate the balcony with figurines and a huge Christmas tree on the wall.

20. Greens all Around


One of the best Balcony Christmas Decorations Ideas with Plants, add greens all around a sitting place, and you have the best Christmas balcony.

21. Tiny Pots and Chandelier

This Christmas balcony idea ups the ante with beautiful tiny white planters and a chandelier of candles for a lit Christmas.

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22. Vine Garland and Christmas Decorations

Decorate your balcony with a vine garland paired with lights and Christmas baubles for a vibrant and eye-catching home.

23. Table Planters

Tatiane S.

Add plants to a table and light up the dark balcony with small lights for a calm and peaceful Christmas evening.

24. Green Fence and Lights

Winterlicher Balkon

Adorn the balcony with an artificial tree, add lights and candle containers, and have a gorgeous balcony perfect for the holiday season.

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25. Miniature Decorations


Furnish the windowsill with miniature decorations this Christmas that will definitely attract everyone’s gaze.

26. Macrame Hangers and White Pots


A brilliant Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants in white containers to match the snow and macrame hanging pots to adorn the balcony walls.

27. Christmas Plants

Use woven planters for a mix of the best Christmas plants to embody the holiday spirit and uplift your balcony.

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28. Woven Planter Christmas Tree


A timeless classic Balcony Christmas Decorations Idea with Plants is creating a Christmas tree using various flowers and greens in a wood basket planter.

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