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Balcony Flooring Ideas

Take inspiration from these Balcony Flooring Ideas and spruce up your boring balcony into most enjoyable space of your home.

1.balcony flooring ideas (2)_miniArtificial grass turf is used on the floor of this balcony garden. Smartly covered for privacy with green fabric screen, these black planters and cool colored flowers are matching to the floor.

2.balcony flooring ideas (8)_mini
If you have a roofed balcony, wooden deck is best. It looks natural and classy and the smell of wood adds an extra touch in a balcony.

3.balcony flooring ideas (2)_miniPlanters are placed over a fabric rug to save wooden deck from dirt and excess water.

4.balcony flooring ideas (9)_miniBlack and white floor cloth is blanketed on the floor over a synthetic grass turf and grey pebbles laid near the railing.

5.balcony flooring ideas (10)_miniCompact wood deck tiles and wooden bench are complimenting each other. Additionally large white pebbles are used around the plants and under the bench to give a Japanese garden like look.

6.balcony flooring ideas (5)_miniPainted wooden deck tiles is one among of the best balcony flooring ideas. It  looks wonderful!

7.balcony flooring ideas (6)_miniUse tiles on the floor if you have a bigger balcony or terrace, it looks stunning but you’ll need to do lot of maintenance.

8.balcony flooring ideas (11)_mini

Black and white soft floor fabric is matching the entire theme of this balcony. Always care about the colors you’re using on your balcony, never use more than three to four colors.

9.balcony flooring ideas (7)_mini

Yellow and white zigzag patterned mat is creating an illusion of an enlarged balcony.

10.balcony flooring ideas (3)_mini

Top view of this beautiful balcony is alluring, floor is covered with good quality artificial grass.

11.balcony flooring ideas (1)_mini

Nothing can replace the touch and tuck of wooden deck, this floor is made of wooden planks. Consider using foldable wooden furniture with it. See more on balcony furniture ideas



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