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Are Dahlias Deer Resistant | Will Deer Eat Dahlias?

Are Dahlias Deer Resistant? Can you plant them safely in your garden without worrying? Know if your lovelies are safe or not here!

Are Dahlias Deer Resistant

Are Dahlias Deer Resistant? This has been the question of discussion amongst many gardeners. Some believe they are, and some think they are not. So, what’s the right answer? Let’s find out!

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Are Dahlias Deer Resistant?

If you are wondering – Are Dahlias Deer Resistant, then a short and simple answer to your question is no! Though deers usually do not prefer munching on dahlias, it is a no guarantee that they would never eat them at all.

How to Keep Your Dahlias Deer-Safe?

If you have a lovely flower garden and want to protect gorgeous dahlias from the hungry foraging deers in your area, here are a few things you can do to stop it.

1. Draw Up and Estimate – How Many Deer Visit Your Garden

Even before you start planting the first Dahlia, it would always be a safer idea to ask your neighbors and find out the deer population in your area. If the population is high, the Dahlias are not safe and vice versa.

2. Grow Deer Resistant Companion Plants

Sedum, Aster, Geranium, Rose, and Sage are some of the best companion plants to grow with dahlias. They compliment it well and also make sure that no deer comes near them!

You also have a choice to grow textured plants like Blue Oat Grass, Snow Cap Grass, Blue Paradise Bluestem, and All Gold Hakone Grass to stop deer from entering your garden.

3. Build a Fence

If nothing seems to work then it’s time to make a tall fence. Construct a 6-8 feet tall fence to stop deers from jumping over your garden to eat your precious Dahlias and other lovely plants.


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