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Worried about your feline wreaking havoc on your plants? Here’s How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants in easy and simple ways!

How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants

Cats, being curious, are always around plants, touching and nibbling them, damaging their foliage. If you, too, have a feline at home, then here are some tips on How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants!

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How to Keep Cats Away from Houseplants

1. Sprinkle Some Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne and crushed pepper annoy most felines, so it’s a good idea to sprinkle some around the pots and keep away the cats from munching your houseplants.

Tip: Take a spray bottle, add some hot sauce and water into it. Spray around the area where your plants are located to keep the cats away!

2. Add a Layer of Stone Mulch

You might have seen cats digging soil in your indoor garden – this not only looks messy but also harms the tender roots of the plants. To get rid of this issue, place a layer of decorative pebbles, seashells, rough pine, or broken ceramics.

This trick will give an attractive appearance and keep the felines away as well.

3. Make a Wired Cage

Build a cage using cardboard and plastics having rough and pointed texture. The cats will surely think twice before roaming around plants!

4. Make a Boundary with Certain Plants

Your furry friends dislike the smell of certain plants, so you can create a boundary using lavender, rue, or pennyroyal and lemon thyme outside your favorite plants.

5. Scatter Lemon Peels Around Plant’s Base

Don’t throw away peels after squeezing the juice from lemons. Instead, cut them into small pieces and place them on topsoil around the plants. Orange peels can also be used. For more effective results, renew the peels weekly.

6. Create a Sticky Surface

Use double-sided tape so cats won’t walk near plants. It will make an excellent barrier between the plants and felines. Do not leave a space for jumping between the sticky surface.

7. Add a Dash of Coffee or Pipe Tobacco

The smell of these two is also unpleasant to cats. Sprinkle old coffee grounds, leftover tobacco in a pipe, or fresh tobacco around the houseplants, so cats stay away for good!

8. Use Citrus Sprays

Most felines get annoyed with the citrusy smell. Make a spray by using some drops of lemon essential oil dissolved in water. You can also use eucalyptus, lavender, or citronella essential oil.

9. Keep Cottom Balls Soaked in Vinegar and Listerine

Cats hate the strong smell of vinegar, and Listerine also works great in this regard to keep them away. Soak some cotton balls in these two and put them around your favorite plant to keep the cats away!

10. Use a Commercial Cat Repellant

The use of commercial cat repellants is also a great option to keep the felines away from houseplants. You can get these sprays at pet stores – the spray contains a smell that irritates cats.

11. Distract Your Fur Babies

Distract your cat’s attention by growing plants that they love. Felines love catnip and cat grass – grow them in sturdy plastic containers away from houseplants you want to protect. This hack will keep a vexatious cat engaged and save your plants from catastrophe.

12. Hang Them!

No! Not the cats! Your plants! The simplest way to save your favorite ones is to keep them away from the reach of cats. Grow your green friends in beautiful hanging baskets to add more appeal to their looks while keeping them away from the furry pet.

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