16 Beautiful 4 Petal Flowers

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Don’t let the size of these 4 petal flowers deceive you! They are as impactful as the ones having multiple!

How many 4 Petal Flowers can you name? One? Two? Perhaps five? Well, we have more than the fingers on your hand!

4 Petal Flowers

1. Western Wallflower

Western Wallflower 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Erysimum capitatum

Coming in a marvelous hue of orange, the Western Wallflower is a pretty common plant. What sets it apart is the unique symmetry that its four-petalled flower displays.

2. Brookcress

Brookcress 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Cardamine cordifolia

Just like you would find a spring in mountainous regions, you are sure to find clusters of dainty white brook cress flowers as well, also known as ‘bittercress!’

3. Common Evening PrimroseBeautiful 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis

Displaying 4 four bright yellow petals, the common primrose variety is a common sight in high-traffic areas and even on roadsides.

4. Cutleaf Evening Primrose

Beautiful 4 Petal Flowers1

Botanical Name: Oenothera laciniata

The cutleaf evening primrose is a smaller variety with sharply dissected leaves and a beautiful, serene white color.

5. Stemless Evening Primrose

Beautiful 4 Petal Flowers3

Botanical Name: Oenothera triloba

Yet another white primrose, similar to the cutleaf variety, this stemless specimen is mostly found in dry prairies, roadcuts, and sunny hillsides.

6. Fireweed

Beautiful 4 Petal Flowers5

Botanical Name: Chamaenerion angustifolium

A common pink flowering plant throughout the West, Fireweed gets its name from the fact that it grows mostly in burned areas.

7. Sugarbowl

Sugarbowl 4 Petal Flowers in garden

Botanical Name: Coriflora scotti

Belonging to the Buttercup family, and also popular as the “Leatherflower,” its each bloom has tepals of leathery texture.

8. WindmillBeautiful 4 Petal Flowersin garden

Botanical Name: Gentianopsis barbellata

This plant is also called the “Fringed Gentian” because the flowers have a 4 lobed corolla with fringed margins. They’re found on open slopes of the subalpine zones.

9. Green Gentian

Green Gentian 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Frasera speciosa

Native to North America, it is a tall plant featuring white to pale-green flowers that bloom only once in their life that can be upto 80 years!

10. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Cleome serrulata

Found along roads and overgrazed hills in west coast of the United States, the flowers of this plant are purple in color. They are also rich in nectar, making it favorite of bees.

11. Yellow Wood Poppy

Yellow Wood Poppy 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Stylophorum diphyllum

The yellow wood poppy is a perennial plant and a common sight in eastern North America, from zones 4 to 9. It has lobed leaves and bright yellow flowers shaped like cups.

12. Flowering Dogwood

4 Petal Flowers1

Botanical Name: Cornus florida

Flowering Dogwood is a beautiful deciduous tree with creamy-white flowers that have exactly 4 petals. They can grow up to 15-30 feet tall.

13. Greater Fringed Gentian

Windmill 4 Petal Flowers

Botanical Name: Gentianopsis crinita

These blue flowers have 4 petals with soft, fringed edges. You must have seen it on mountain meadows and open slopes.

14. Bunchberry

4 Petal Flowers2

Botanical Name: Cornus canadensis

Bunchberry is a low-growing plant with clusters of white 4 petal flowers. These blooms turn into red berries that ripen in August.

15. Rock Cress

flowers with 4 petals 2

Botanical Name: Arabis

These small wildflowers can be found in white, pink, and purple hues, and flourish in rocky areas.

16. Torenia

Beautiful 4 Petal Flowers in pot
shutterstock/Ilham nuryadin

Botanical Name: Torenia fournieri

Torenias come in many colors but look the best in Blue with black centres! They thrive in indirect light and do well in a little moist environment.

4 Petal Flower Meaning

As these blooms are not a common sight, they carry a certain cultural meaning and individual interpretations.

Like the four major seasons, these flowers symbolize the harmony in nature. As they are also scarce, these blooms also represent uniqueness – the reason why you must have seen them in various forms of art.

Many cultures see 4 petal flowers as a symbol of spirituality, too.

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