9 Stunning Vines with Pink Flowers

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These Vines with Pink Flowers offer a cascading burst of color to the landscape. You can also grow them to cover bland walls!

Vines with pink flowers can be a great addition to any garden, effortlessly transforming bland fences, walls, and trellises into captivating floral displays with their subtle colored blooms!

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Vines with Pink Flowers

1. Rose Clematis

Best Vines with Pink Flowers 1

Scientific Name: Clematis ‘Rosemoor’

This vigorous vine can reach impressive heights of up to 15-20 feet, creating a stunning display of pink flowers in the spring and summer.

2. Pink Mandevilla

Scientific Name: Mandevilla ‘Alice’

Thriving in warm climates, the Pink Mandevilla is a heat-loving vine that produces large, pink flowers adorned with a delicate white throat.

3. Bougainvillea

Best Vines with Pink Flowers 3

Scientific Name: Bougainvillea ‘Spectra Pink’

Known for its vibrant pink flowers that add a splash of color to landscapes, Bougainvillea ‘Spectra Pink’ is a popular choice for warm climates.

4. Coral Honeysuckle


Scientific Name: Lonicera sempervirens

This fast-growing vine is a champion of privacy screens, reaching heights of up to 30 feet and producing clusters of fragrant pink flowers in the spring and summer.

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5. Pink Morning Glory

Best Vines with Pink Flowers 5

Scientific Name: Ipomoea indica ‘Pink Perfection’

With its rapid growth rate, it can quickly transform containers and trellises into a cascade of pink flowers during the summer and fall.

6. Bell Vine

Best Vines with Pink Flowers 7

Scientific Name: Rhodochiton volubile

This fast-growing Mexican vine is a charming addition to containers and trellises, producing clusters of bell-shaped pink flowers in good light.

7. Rangoon Creeper

Scientific Name: Quisqualis Indica

It produces clusters of pink and white flowers in the spring and summer. Its aggressive growth habit makes it ideal for trellises and arbors.

8. Pink Pandorea

Best Vines with Pink Flowers 9

Scientific Name: Pandorea jasminoides

It is a vigorous climber that can grow up to 12-15 feet tall, but you can contain it in pots. The flowers come in a light shade of pink with a red center.

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9. Climbing Roses

Eden Climber (Pierre de Ronsard), Cecile Brunne, and Climbing Pinkie are probably the best ones you can grow if you want to cover a wall with flowers completely!

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