DIY Indoor Cat Garden For Cat Lovers

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Article By- Linda Green

If you love your cat, it’s a good idea to make an indoor cat garden for her. Just follow this step by step guide to do this!

If you’re like me who loves her cats, you’ll surely approve of my idea of creating a CAT FRIENDLY GARDEN. Make an INDOOR CAT GARDEN–An oasis for your dearest kitty.


As I love growing plants indoors, I always keep care when choosing plants– if they are safe for my kitty. So the first thing I suggest you for creating an indoor cat garden is to avoid growing plants that are toxic to a cat.

Avoid Growing Plants That Are Toxic To Cats

Grow cat safe plants, make a list of plants that are toxic to cats– When doing this, leave the plants that contain calcium oxalate as they don’t possess a real threat and are mildly toxic. We also published a list of Plants that are toxic to dogs a while ago, take help of it. Again, you can exclude plants from your not growing list that contain ONLY calcium oxalate crystals like pothos, peace lily, philodendron or Chinese evergreen!

Many of our readers suggested through emails and comments that we should not label plants that contain calcium oxalate as toxic and we are in agreement.

Research to find out what are the most poisonous plants for cats! Some plants that can be toxic to cats are the flame lily, tiger lily, azalea, sago palm, oleander, cyclamen, daffodils, etc.

Grow cat safe plants, plants that cats love to nibble


Cats love to play with plants and to bite them sometimes; you already know that! I have a few terracotta planters, broken; due to my cat’s mischief. If you too have broken pots, look at these DIY ideas. So, is not it a good idea to grow plants that your cat will love to nibble? It’s easy if you have a window that receives some sun, you can create a Windowsill garden for your feline friend.

Here’re some plants to consider:



Grow valerian. A medicinal herb, safe for cats. Most cats love rubbing, sniffing, and eating this plants and its healthy for them.


Catnip is called catnip because cats like to nip it :P. Well, jokes apart, this edible herb contains an active ingredient called ‘Nepetalactone,’ this compound acts like a cat attractant.

Cat Grass

Kitten eating the grass
Kitten eating the grass

Cat grass is nothing but a mix of grasses– oat grass, wheat grass, rye grass, barley grass, orchard grass that cats love to gnaw on. You can grow them together in a wide container or window boxes. Learn how to grow Wheatgrass and its health benefits!


Grow mint family plants like spearmint, peppermint or any other type; it is not only safe for cats, but it also has many culinary uses, you and your feline both will love to smell this refreshing herb.

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Lemongrass is an exotic culinary and medicinal herb, and it releases fresh lemon like scent when crushed. The Pussycat rambling in your house will be very much interested in biting and smelling it. I also heard people saying it also deters mosquitoes but don’t know how much true it is!

Other Herbs

Also, these fours herbs rosemary, parsley, cilantro, and thyme are good for cats. You can create an indoor herb garden using them.

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Cat Thyme

Cat thyme only looks like original thyme, which is my most favorite herb. I dislike its musty odor and haven’t tried myself growing it for my cat. But it’s true that most of the cats love this plant.

Spider Plant

This amazing air cleaning houseplant is completely safe for cats. Cats love to play with its wiry foliage, it can be a great entertainment piece of greenery in your indoor cat garden.

Choose the right type of planter


A planter that is wide and has space for your kitty to let her sit would be perfect. Wide planters are right; window boxes for example! Also, use sterilized soil to keep your pet safe.

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If you love your cat, it's a good idea to make an indoor cat garden for her. Just follow this step by step guide to do this!

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  1. Lemongrass, rosemary, lavender are repellent against mosquitoes. I had these plants in my backyard this summer and did not get bitten by any mosquitoes.

  2. Mint is toxic to cats due to the essential oils! Garden mint specifically (the kind most people would grow) can cause vomiting, upset stomach, and even anemia.

  3. I’m confused. Why is this still available for viewing if some of it is wrong? That proves dangerous in my opinion. No one would want to hurt their cat.

      • Cat Mint is safe for cats, but this is not the same as the mint family of herbs. Any species of Cat Mint (of which catnip is the most popular and is listed) is okay. Mint, the kind we like and use for cooking is dangerous and potentially could kill a cat if they ingest too much too often (and it causes something like chronic diarrhea). While you might feel it is safe, my vet says it is not and should never be accessible to kitties.


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