22 Best Flowers for Full Sun | Heat Tolerant Flowers for Containers

13. Marigold

afternoon sun plants

Marigolds love sun and heat. Keep them in a spot that receives full sun and they’ll bloom heavily. With the choices available, you can grow marigold either as annual or perennial.

14. Angelonia

afternoon sun plants

Due to the shape of flowers, it is often called summer snapdragon. One of the best flowers for full sun, this lovely heat resistant plant is usually grown as an annual but if you live in a warm climate under USDA Zone 9-11, grow it as perennial. Flowers are available in blue, green, orange, pink, red, white and yellow colors.

15. Geranium

If you're searching for the best flowers for full sun then see our list of heat tolerant flowers.

You can not exclude geraniums from the list of heat tolerant flowers. They love the sun. Geraniums are perennial in tropics in USDA zones 9 and above and bloom a lot. Grow these old traditional flowers in containers, borders, and beds.

16. Canna


Create a lush tropical look with cannas. They require warmth, full sun, and moist soil to thrive. Depending on the variety cannas can grow between 1 to 8 feet tall and comes in the shade of red, orange and yellow colors.

17. Cuphea


We usually grow them as annuals but cupheas are perennial in frost-free climates, they are suitable plants for the warmer regions where the scorching sun burns the leaves of other tender plants (USDA Zones 9-11) they thrive.

18. Adenium (Desert Rose)


A popular plant in tropics. You can also grow adenium for quick bonsai, it can be planted outside in frost free zones. Once established, this magnificent plant covers itself with beautiful tubular flowers. In temperates, you can grow adenium as a houseplant.

19. Ixora


Ixora is a perennial tropical shrub that bears flame like flowers in clusters. Grow Ixora as perennial in USDA Zones 9-11, annual in temperate zones. You can also grow Ixora in containers providing it full sun and heat.

20. Celosia (Cockscomb)


Celosias are generally grown as annual but they are one of the best flowers for full sun and perennial in USDA Zones 9-11. Growing celosia in containers is a great way to have this unusual flower, grow celosia in your patio or balcony garden. Learn how to grow celosia here.

21. Petunia


Petunias seem to love sun and heat, they are one the most beautiful and popular annual flowers. However, this frost-tender plant is perennial in warmer climates (USDA Zones 9-10).

22. Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets is a state flower of Texas and it is one of the best flowers for full sun. You can grow it in your container garden too. Read more about growing bluebonnets here.

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If you're searching for the flowers that thrive in the scorching sun and heat then see this list of the best heat tolerant flowers. You can also grow them in containers.


  1. Cannas! My favorite, and they thrive in the hot desert southwest, with very little work. Yet, I rarely see them for sale with other plants. In fact, here in Las Cruces, NM, I’ve seen a lot of “hostas” in the stores, which is unimaginable to me that they would survive here.

  2. GREAT INFO! I was searching for heat-tolerant plants that can survive the brutal Houston, Texas climate. Any other suggestions out there from you H-Town folk>

  3. When I libed in Houston I had TONS of the light green leaded begonias. Of course i had them in full shade, but they really thrived in their pots. Red, pink and white. Unfortunately, someone came up the apartment stairs and stole them all!!!!


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