11 Yellow Flowers With Four Petals

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These Yellow Flowers With Four Petals can be a minimalistic yet a colorful addition to your garden and home!

Yellow flowers with four petals offer a blend of simplicity and elegance. They are ideal for both gardens and pots and envoke a sense of positivity.

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Yellow Flowers With Four Petals

1. Evening-Primrose

Yellow Flowers With Four Petals 1

Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis

This beauty with four petals has a pale yellow color. These flowers are known for their sweet fragrance and unfurl in the evenings.

2. Cutleaf Evening Primrose

best Yellow Flowers With Four Petals

Botanical Name: Oenothera laciniata

This variety has deeply lobed leaves that set it apart from others. It is a perennial that gives yellow flowers in late spring and summer.

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3. Stemless Evening Primrose

Yellow Flowers With Four Petals 3

Botanical Name: Oenothera triloba

A low-grower, the Stemless Evening Primrose is often found in open, sunny areas. Its flowers also have four petals each.

4. Western Wallflower

lovely Yellow Flowers With Four Petals

Botanical Name: Erysimum capitatum

The Western Wallflower is a native wildflower with tall stems and four-petaled yellow flower clusters. You can also find them in a slightly orange hue.

5. Bittercress

Four-petaled yellow flowers

Botanical Name: Barbarea vulgaris

These small white and pale yellow flowers belong to the mustard family. You can grow them as annuals and perennials.

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6. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

best Four-petaled yellow flowers

Botanical Name: Peritoma serrulata

The Rocky Mountain Bee plant is famous for its lavender blooms. But it also comes in a shade of yellow and attracts bees with its four-petal blossoms.

7. Yellow Wood Poppy

beautiful Yellow Flowers With Four Petals 7

Botanical Name: Stylophorum diphyllum

A woodland perennial, the Wood Poppy has lobed leaves and cup-shaped bright yellow flowers. Each flower has exactly four petals.

8. Yellow Corydalisbeautiful Four-petaled yellow flowers

Botanical Name: Pseudofumaria lutea

Corydalis is a beauty with finely divided clusters of yellow flowers. You can easily find it in rocky and wooded areas.

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9. Yellow Archangel

Four-petaled yellow flowers
shutterstock/Stephen Farhall

Botanical Name: Lamium galeobdolon

The Archangel flower is completed with heart-shaped leaves. The hooded flowers have 4 petals and grow vigorously.

10. Yellow Pimpernel

Four-petalled yellow flowers

Botanical Name: Lysimachia nemorum

The yellow Pimpernel flowers commonly have five petals, but some flowers also come with only four. You can grow it as a ground cover as it has a low height.

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11. Yellow Torenia

best Four-petalled yellow flowers

Botanical Name: Torenia flava

These four-petaled beauties have a dark purple throat and a vibrant yellow color. The Torenia is also called the Wishbone Flower.

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