Quirky Succulents that Look Like Lips

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Succulents that Look Like Lips will surely make you go, wow! These natural wonders can be great shocking plants for home!

With their lush, plump leaves and vibrant hues, these Succulents that Look Like Lips can add an unexpected twist to any garden or indoor plant collection!

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Succulents that Look Like Lips

1. Lips Plant

Succulents that Look Like Lips 1

Botanical Name: Conophytum pageae

The image above clearly states the intention of this article! These plants resemble a pair of fleshy, puckered lips – this is because of the two bulbous leaves fused together with a small opening, similar to a mouth. It even has a smooth and glossy texture, similar to human lips!

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2. Pebble Plant

Quirky Succulents that Look Like Lips

Botanical Name: Lithops

Also known as “living stones,” they mimic the appearance of two plump lips – this is because of the two thick and fleshy leaves that join at the ground level, creating a crease resembling the line between lips.

The ‘lip-like’ structure of this succulent helps in conserving water, a vital adaptation for survival in arid environments.

Bonus – Lips Plant!

Bonus - Lips Plant

Well, not exactly a succulent, but we have included it for its sheer resemblance to human lips! Hooker’s Lips Plant, scientifically known as Psychotria elata, is a tropical plant renowned for its striking and unusual appearance.

The most prominent feature of the Hooker’s Lips Plant is its bright red bracts that mimic a human’s lips. These bracts are actually modified leaves that surround the plant’s small flowers. Initially, the bracts are bright red, attracting pollinators. They gradually open to reveal the plant’s true flowers, which are small and white.

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