13 Ways to Create a Secret Garden in Small Space

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Here are some fantastic Ways to Create a Secret Garden in Small Space that you follow to make a beautiful one for yourself!

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Like the way Mary, in The Secret Garden, found the key to the hidden garden, which opened a completely new world for her, and started a magical journey that transformed her into a different person, you can also experience the same if you can find Ways to Create a Secret Garden in Small Space!

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Ways to Create a Secret Garden in Small Space

1. Specify an Entryway

The main element of a secret garden is a defined path that creates an entryway—remember, you don’t need a grand one. A standard garden arbor across the entryway will be perfect and appealing.

Tip: As you are designing a secret garden, make the entryway secret by constructing a wall covered with dense vines and carve a space to install a sliding wooden or metal gate on it—that will be super mysterious!

2. Bring Some Shade

Enough shade is one more necessary component, as the harsh afternoon sun ruins the beauty of the secret garden. You can use a canopy or some artificial shade if you don’t have dense trees in your garden.

Installing a big umbrella is another cheap option you have!

3. Make it a Little Private


The basic thing you need to do while making a secret garden is to make sure it remains a ‘secret!’

  • Grow Privacy Plants: Plants are a fantastic way to cover the open spaces in your garden to ensure no one peeps in. Arborvitae, Skip Laurel, Bamboo, Holly, and Privet are some of the best options you have. Have a look at more plants here
  • Make a Fence: Making a fence will ensure that no one has quick access to your garden, and it will also keep it safe from animals. We have some amazing ideas here
  • Hang Drapes and Curtains: Is there an open spot in your garden between a tree and a fence that you want to cover up? Simply add a curtain or a drape.
  • Fix Lattice: They are not expensive, and you can get them for quite cheap at a local hardware store. You can also make a small partition using them to create your own little private space.

4. Have Curved Pathways

Create mysterious vibes that will make the secret garden more interesting! Make a curved garden path in a way that confuses the person where it leads to.

You can also create a curved path between the patio and deck. Position an arbor at the front of it and grow tall plants on both sides.

5. Create a Sitting Space

It’ll be a fantastic idea to make your secret garden lead somewhere. Include a destination by setting the table and chairs for lunch, a cozy seating area for a tea party, or a simple bench to sit and relax.

6. Bring Some Romance

A secret garden will be incomplete without romantic vibes! Create a romantic feel by hanging chandeliers, lighting aromatic candles, using crystal glasses, and planting fragrant flowers.

7. Lighting


Bring charm to your secret garden by using landscape and hanging lights, candles, and LEDs that will look wonderful during the nighttime and even in the evening. You can also go for subtle small fairy lights instead of bright floodlights.

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8. Objects with Purpose

Use contemplative objects related to your childhood trip—rocks that you collected at the beach or any childhood item. You can also use historical objects with spiritual meanings.

No matter what you select, do not forget to partially hide it under the garden beds to bring a feeling of discovery.

9. Invite Wildlife

Entice bees, butterflies, birds, and small creatures to your secret garden growing nectar-rich plants, offering food, water, and shelter for them.  Attract hummingbirds with coral vine, red salvia rose of Sharon, trumpet honeysuckle, bee balm, and fuchsias.

10. Sheltered Seating Area


Including a sheltered seating area in the open landscape makes a balance of seclusion with openness. You can follow this idea by having a willow archway with private seating space and a bed of changing fall foliage—it’ll be a great place to relax with friends.

11. Natural Planting


You can give any shape and style to the secret garden, but it has to bewilder with some sense of nature. Bring a natural look with voluminous grasses, flowering perennials, and all varieties of native plants.

12. Add a Flower Garden


A flower garden, hidden in the yard, will make the place full of colorful mystery. If you have a small space, you can grow flowers on the arbor or in pots along the small paths that lead to the sitting space.

13. Divide it into Sections

Little chambers in the garden will be your own little secret hiding space. You can divide the garden into a little green spot on one side and an area full of flowers on the other, or you could simply add pots of flowers and plants, creating different sections as you desire!

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  1. Just getting started on our Secret Garden (by READING the book If you happened to get a copy from the library without a copyright date, this book was written in 1911!) Your pictures and verbal commentary are inspiring me and helping me see my “dream” can come true! Also helping my husband see I am not the only crazy person out there. Love the idea.


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