How to Create a Goth Garden

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Are you into dark and scary gardens? If yes, then learn How to Create a Goth Garden with spooky plants and experience Halloween vibes!

How to Create a Goth Garden

A garden that introduces a scary and dark vibe is always going to attract visitors and make the yard more interesting! If you want to make a similar one for yourself, then here’s all you need to know on How to Create a Goth Garden.

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What is Goth Garden?

Goth gardens are inspired by the dark gothic yards famous in the Victorian era. They are designed with organized spooky effects, which attracts crowds, for the same reason a horror scene catches attention!

How to Create a Goth Garden

While selecting plants for a goth garden, do not stay limited to flowers but also include fruits and vegetables in darker tones. Ornamental trees are also a good option but grow plants that have dark leaves, flowers, or fruits. Go for the shades like deep red, purple, and burgundy. Plant deep-hued spring flowers as well.

For creating goth gardens, you must include hanging bats, scarecrows, straw brooms, pots, and broken pallet slats with hand-painted ghostly mythological plant labels and names that match well with the overall theme of the yard.

Flowers For Gothic Garden

  • You can grow black roses in your goth garden – see the best types here.
  • Queen of Night Tulip, Onyx Odyssey Helleborus, and Before the Storm Iris are great options for a goth garden. Check more black flowers here.
  • Dracula flowers and monkey orchids will also grab attention. See more unique flowers that look like things here.
  • Design garden beds with height, so every plant is displayed and creates fusion together. For tall flowers, grow Hollyhock with dramatic dark blooms on six-inch spikes. Include striking Bat Orchid to a shady area for eerie effects.
  • Some darker blooms are Dahlia, Sooty Sweet, Pansy, and Bachelor’s Buttons will also make for a stunning addition.

Vegetables & Fruits For Goth Garden

How to Create a Goth Garden 2

  • When it comes to fruits, go for Aronia berry – in fall, it produces ink-black berries. Read about more cold-tolerant fruit trees here.
  • If you live in an area with warm, humid environments and a temperature range of 68-86 F, you can grow a mangosteen tree in your garden with a purple-red tint.
  • Blackberry bush suits the dark theme of goth gardens with plump, dark, flavorful berries.
  • Include Sugar Baby Watermelon with black rind!
  • You can spice up your goth garden by growing Prince Chili Pepper displaying purple flowers.
  • Grow Cherry Heirloom tomatoes, Pearl Tomato, and Krim. Plant some dark-leaved Red Romaine lettuce.

Trees For Goth Garden

  • Bring more thrill to your goth garden by growing trees with red flowers – see the options here.
  • Japanese Red Maple is also a great option that relates with the theme featuring red-burgundy spiky foliage and grows up to 5-8 feet tall.

Foliage Plants For Goth Garden

How to Create a Goth Garden 3

Grow Coleus ‘Dark Star’ or ‘Black Patent Leather’, Mondo Grass, Perilla Frutescens ‘Aka Shiso,’ Pansies, and dark Canna.

Adding Magic Elephant Ear with velvety leaves is also a good idea. You can also include Britt Marie Crawford – it shows off dark leaves. One more great option for the goth garden is Black Leaf Sweet Potato Vine with showy intense dark leaves.

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Decorative Accents for Goth Gardens


Molded iron showpieces like an arch, gate, or trellis and statues look interesting and give a spectacular touch to goth gardens. For a mysterious look, use an arbor or trellis and allow the vines to trail on it. After spring, when plants die out or in winter, let the dead vines stay there for gothic vibes.

Install a dragon statue or winged monster. A wrought iron weathercock showcasing bat, crow, snake, or any creepy character is a must addition in gothic settings. A vintage candle holder, an old bench, a really spooky door, or anything from a victorian era will do wonders too! You can also add gothic style iron fence around the garden and establish a molded iron gate for more thrill.

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