9 Best Variegated Pothos Plants

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Pothos are beautiful, but these Variegated Pothos are more beautiful. They offer a twist of change!

The unique shades of these Variegated Pothos Plants, ranging from speckled and marbled to almost painterly patterns, turn each one of these beauties into a living piece of art!

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Variegated Pothos Plants

There are more types of pothos, but with fewer variegations, so we have selected the best ones, eliminating the rest of them:

1. Marble Queen Pothos

Variegated Pothos Plants 1

The Marble Queen’s leaves are a masterpiece, with their random, marbled pattern of creamy white and green. No two leaves are the same, making each vine a surprise 🫢.

Top Tips on Marble Queen Pothos Care

2. Pearls and Jade Pothos

Best Variegated Pothos Plants in pot

Smaller than the Marble Queen’s, its leaves display a mix of green, white, and gray hues. The ‘pearls’ and ‘jade’ refer to the small spots and larger patches of color, respectively. Learn how to grow it here!

3. N’Joy Pothos

beautiful Variegated Pothos Plants 3

The N’Joy has a crisp contrast between deep green and pure white. It stands out because of the clear demarcation of colors, often in a split pattern on the leaves. Also, this is easy to grow like regular pothos.

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4. Glacier Pothos

Best Variegated Pothos Plants in table

The Glacier pothos has a silvery-green look with small speckles of white. This variegation is more uniform, unlike N’Joy, giving the plant a serene, understated elegance.

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5. Manjula Pothos

best Variegated Pothos Plants 5

When it comes to the variegated pothos, the Manjula probably has a lot. It flaunts leaves with wavy edges and a mix of white and green, with some hints of yellow. Each leaf is like an abstract art, with its own unique blend of colors. If you want to know more about Manjula Pothos, click here.

6. Satin Pothos

hanging Best Variegated Pothos Plants

Though often grouped with Pothos, it’s technically a Scindapsus. Its heart-shaped leaves are dark green, with the variegation appearing as silvery spots and streaks. This slow and steady grower is perfect if you don’t want a pothos that needs frequent pruning.

How to Grow Satin Pothos | Satin Pothos Care Tips

7. Harlequin Pothos

Variegated Pothos Plants 7

This rare variety is distinctive and pretty, and we love it 😍; you will be surprised to see one, and when you see one, buy it! Its leaves can be half green and half white or have large flecks of pure white.

8. Global Green Pothos

Best Variegated Pothos Plants indoor

A recent addition to the unbelievable Pothos family – it shows off a dark green color with lighter green variegation. It’s like looking at the lush layers of a dense forest from above. If you want to know more about this pothos type, click here.

9. Snow Queen Pothos

Variegated Pothos Plants 9

Last but not least, the Snow Queen is like a winter wonderland. Its leaves have a high percentage of white variegation, making it look as if they’ve been dusted with snow!

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So…Which one of these variegated Pothos do you like 💕 most? Do you have a personal favorite? Please share in the comments!

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