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20 Modern Biophilic Design Bedroom Ideas

Bring nature indoors, in your sleeping room with these 20 Biophilic Design Bedroom Ideas. The latest upcoming trend you should know about!

Introduce these Biophilic Design Bedroom Ideas to enjoy the tranquility of nature and Greenery right in your home!

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What is a Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design aims to connect humans to the peace and tranquility of nature, promoting cognitive function, productivity, improved sleep, and psychological well-being. It can be incorporated into your home by introducing elements of nature, bringing outdoors indoors, and adding more live plants to the decor.

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1. Bedroom with an Open Glass Ceiling


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2. Open Bedroom with Shutters

3. Architectural Biophilic Bedroom

4. Bedroom with Hanging and Potted Plants

5. Tall Potted Plants Around the Bed

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6. Huge Livistona on the Bed Board


7. Modern Style Biophilic Bedroom

8. Bedroom with a Large Window Outlooking Greenery


9. Wooden Head Board with Floating and Hanging Planters

10. Huge Bedroom with Plants


Turn your house into a mini garden like this

11. Jungle Themed Bedroom with Glass Walls


12. Green Bedroom with Leaf Printed Bedsheet

13. Biophilic Room with a Living Wall

14. Bedroom by the Woods

15. Luxury Bedroom

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16. Cottage Style Biophilic Room


17. Huge Fiddle Leaf and Ferns on Floating Shelf by the Bed


18. A Green Attic Bedroom


19. Bedroom with a Huge Bookshelf and Plants

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20. Bamboo Garden View from Bedroom

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