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How to Get a Big and Bushy Jade Plant

Wondering How to Get a Big and Bushy Jade Plant? Here are some simple tips and tricks to make it look more attractive all year round!


This tree-like succulent is a great plant to have indoors that’s also easy to maintain. If you want to know How to Get a Big and Bushy Jade Plant without too much fuss, then we have all the right pointers for you!

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How to Get a Big and Bushy Jade Plant

1. Active Pruning


Prune jade during spring, so it regrows perfectly in its growing season. If you cut one leaf, then two will grow in its place.

For pruning the stems, make a fine cut above the leaf scars (rings around the stems) as this boosts stemming.

Doing this in many sections will make your jade plant bushier. Also, avoid snipping more than 15-20% of the plant.

A Tip: If your jade plant has become leggy due to lack of sufficient light, cut back the weak portions and locate the plant in a bright spot.

Fun Fact: Do not throw away the pruned leaves or stems. Keep them for a day or two till they form a callous. Lay the leaves horizontally on the pot while covering the ends with soil.

For stem cuttings, put them in soil upright. Place the pot where it can get bright, indirect light and you will soon have a new jade plant in no time! Just make sure not to propagate diseased or damaged plant parts.

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2. Correct Position


You can make your jade plant bushier by placing it in the right position. Keep it in direct light, and the plant will form bushy new foliage.

On the other hand, if you’ll keep the plant in the dark area, the stems will stretch in search of sunlight.

A Tip: Keep the plant at a location where it gets bright, indirect sunlight. 1-2 hours of morning sunlight will do wonders for its growth. 

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3. Watering


If you want to grow jade plant bushier, then don’t grow this succulent in moist soil. Also, avoid overhead watering.

The most important thing to note down is to keep it on a dryer side rather than watering regularly and water the plant only when the top 1 inch of soil in the pot feels dry to touch.

4. Fertilizer

The Jade plant does not require a fixed schedule for fertilization like other houseplants. Feed it once 30-60 days in the active growth period with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer diluted to 25 percent (1/4) of its recommended strength.

A Tip: If you are living in a cold climate, stop fertilization from mid-fall till winter.

5. Winter Care



Move the plant away from windowpanes or any spot where it will be exposed to cold drafts of air. If you live in a temperate region, the plant’s growth will slow down during winters, so avoid watering it much often.

6. Plant them Together

The simplest and quickest way to make the jade look bushier is to grow multiple plants in a large pot. You can also group 2-3 small pots together to make the plant look big and bushy!


  1. This was really informative. I didn’t know that jade plants love the sun so much. Mine has never gotten direct light yet…


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