43 Trees That Start With S

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Trees That Start With S – Dive into the diverse and fascinating realm of trees, perfect for gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers!

In this article, we’ll discuss Trees That Start With S, which stand out with distinct features, be it the Sugar Maple’s striking autumn colors or the Spruce’s resilient nature in cold climates.

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Trees That Start With S

1. Siberian Peashrub

Trees That Start With S 1

Botanical Name: Caragana arborescens

The Siberian Peashrub originates from Siberia and Mongolia’s cold, temperate climates. Gardeners in North America and Europe widely cultivate this plant for its ornamental value.

2. She-Oak

Botanical Name: Casuarina equisetifolia

A species of tree native to Australia and Southeast Asia, they are popular for their ability to withstand strong winds and salt water.

3. Silky-Camellia

Trees That Start With S 3

Botanical Name: Stewartia malacodendron L.

This plant is native to the southeast of the United States. It has a smooth, grey, upright bark and grows white flowers that bloom in the early summer.

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4. Spanish Cedar


Botanical Name: Cedrela odorata

A medium to large tree that reaches up to 100 feet (30 meters) tall. It is native to Central and Southern America and the Caribbean.

5. Sugar Maple

Trees That Start With S 5

Botanical Name: Acer saccharum

It is popular for its colorful fall foliage of bright red, orange, and yellow leaves. It can be a great choice to bring color to the garden.

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6. Silver Birch

Botanical Name: Betula pendula

It is native to Europe and part of Asia. This one grows in various soil types and grows to a towering height of 70-100 feet!

7. Swamp Cypress

Trees That Start With S 7

Botanical Name: Taxodium distichum

These trees are popular for their “knees,” wooden projections that grow from the water around the tree.

8. Silverbell


Botanical Name: Halesia carolina

This tree is native to North Carolina and grows in moist, acid soils. It also grows white and pink flowers.

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9. SycamoreTrees That Start With S 9

Botanical Name: Platanus spp.

This one is a large and fast-growing tree, often reaching over 75-100 feet. It is popular for its mottled, exfoliating bark.

10. Spruce


Botanical Name: Picea spp.

This evergreen tree is native to the northern temperate and the boreal regions of the world. It is a conical evergreen tree with needle-like leaves and hanging branches.

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11. Sweetgum

Trees That Start With S 11

Botanical Name: Liquidambar styraciflua

The sweetgums are native to the North and Central America. They have star-like leaves and spiky gumball-like fruits.

12. Sourwood

Botanical Name: Oxydendrum arboreum

The tree is popular for its slender pyramidal shape and glossy green leaves that change to red in the fall.

13. Sitka Spruce

Trees That Start With S 13
shutterstock/Peter Turner Photography

Botanical Name: Picea sitchensis

Although it does not produce traditional flowers, Sitka Spruce grows small purple cones that turn brown as the tree matures.

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14. Snow Gum


Botanical Name: Eucalyptus pauciflora

Snow Gum is a hardy tree species that grows in cold, snowy environments. This tree is popular for its striking patchy bark, which peels off in white, grey, and green flakes.

15. Scots Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus sylvestris

Native to Europe and Asia, its tall pines have orange-red bark. The remarkable attribute of this tree is its inner bark, which is edible.

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16. Scarlet Oak


Botanical Name: Quercus coccinea

The name “Scarlet” derives from the vibrant red of its fall leaves. It is a symbol of strength and perseverance in American culture.

17. Southern MagnoliaTrees That Start With S 17

Botanical Name: Magnolia grandiflora

It grows in the southeast U.S. and has glossy white leaves with large white flowers and a cone-shaped fruit with red seeds.

18. Shingle Oak


Botanical Name: Quercus imbricaria

This tree is native to the eastern and central parts of the United States and can grow up to 50-70 feet tall.

19. Shagbark HickoryTrees That Start With S 19

Botanical Name: Carya ovata

This tree grows in mixed hardwood forests in the eastern United States. Its fruits are a favorite of both wildlife and humans.

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20. Swamp White Oak


Botanical Name: Quercus bicolor

It is a long-living tree that can survive up to 300 years. The tree produces acorns, which are important food sources for wildlife.

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21. Southern Red OakTrees That Start With S 21

Botanical Name: Quercus falcata

The tree grows to a height of 60 to 100 feet and is native to the southeastern United States.

22. Sweet Birch

Botanical Name: Betula lenta

It is also popular as “Cherry Birch” because its bark resembles the cherry trees. It displays beautiful yellow-bronze color leaves.

23. Sago Palm Tree

Trees That Start With S 23

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

Sago Palms are slow-growing and can reach up to 10 feet in height. They are relatively low maintenance but are toxic if ingested, so caution is advised in homes with pets.

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24. Sal Tree


Botanical Name: Shorea robusta

The tree grows to 25-30 feet and grows small, white to yellow flowers clustered in dense, branched inflorescences.

25. SapeleTrees That Start With S 25

Botanical Name: Entandrophragma cylindricum

This tree grows straight, which makes it perfect for borders. It also produces small flowers that attract wildlife.

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26. Sandbox Tree


Botanical Name: Hura crepitans

It is native to the tropics of North and South America – the tree can grow quite tall, achieving a height of more than 60 feet.

27. Strawberry TreeTrees That Start With S 27

Botanical Name: Arbutus unedo

The Strawberry Tree is a small shrub that we all love! You can also grow it in large containers and enjoy its fruit!

28. Spindle Tree

Botanical Name: Euonymus europaeus

The spindle tree has beautiful red-orange foliage, which makes it a must-have in the gardens. You can prune it to keep it small.

29. Silver PoplarTrees That Start With S 29

Botanical Name: Populus alba

This tree grows quite tall, achieving an impressive height of 40-50 feet. It is easy to look after, stays evergreen, and demands less to no pruning.

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30. Serviceberry


Botanical Name: Amelanchier spp.

Native to North America, Serviceberries grow in forests and along riverbanks. In summer, they produce sweet and edible berries that attract birds.

31. Stewartia

Trees That Start With S 31

Botanical Name: Stewartia pseudocamellia

Stewartia is named after John Stuart, a British nobleman and botanist. Its leaves take a beautiful red-orange hue in autumn.

32. Strangler Fig


Botanical Name: Ficus ‘Strangler’

Strangler fig trees are native to tropical rainforests around the world. They begin their life in epiphyte form, growing on and surrounding other trees.

33. Santa Maria

Trees That Start With S 33

Botanical Name: Calophyllum antillanum

It is a mid-size tree with shiny leaves showcasing small white flowers. It stays quite compact, reaching a height of 20-30 feet.

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34. Sapodilla

Ladybird fruit tree

Botanical Name: Manilkara zapota

This is an evergreen tree native to the Mexican American and Caribbean. It grows well in temperate climates.

35. Sassafras Tree

Trees That Start With S 35

Botanical Name: Sassafras albidum

This plant is native to eastern North America. It produces small yellow-green flowers with dark blue fruits.

36. Sausage Tree

Botanical Name: Kigelia Africana

This plant is native to Africa and has large sausage-like fruits. Though it is not a common sight, you can grow it for unique aesthetics!

37. Saw Palmetto

Trees That Start With S 37

Botanical Name: Serenoa spp.

A small tree with fan-like leaves, it is an important food source for wildlife. You can also grow it to fence a long yard.

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38. Sweet Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus avium

If you are a fan of white flowers, then you will love this one! It is also easy to look after and can be a great addition to borders.

39. Sandalwood

Trees That Start With S 39

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Native to Indochina and Southeast Asia, it usually grows 20-30 feet tall. It also grows small purple-pink flowers.

40. Satinleaf

Botanical Name: Chrysophyllum oliviforme

Its leaves have a dark green top and a satin-like shimmering underside. It also produces edible fruits.

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41. Silver Maple

Trees That Start With S 41

Botanical Name: Acer saccharinum

The Silver Maple, native to Missouri, thrives along rivers, streams, and swamp areas. In early spring, this tree showcases small white flowers.

42. Sugar Pine


Botanical Name: Pinus lambertiana

The Sugar Pine is native to the Western United States mountain regions. It prefers high-elevation and well-draining soil.

43. Silky Oak

Trees That Start With S 43

Botanical Name: Grevillea robusta

Silky Oak has silvery gray smooth bark, attracting birds and insects with its flowers. It symbolizes strength and beauty, too!

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