6 Trees that Look Like Penises

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You will be surprised to know about Trees that Look Like Penises! Yes! We are not kidding! Read on to know the complete list!

Nature often presents us with some unexpected surprises, and Trees that Look Like Penises are one of them! So, buckle up! This list will make you laugh for sure!

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Trees that Look Like Penises

1. Monkey Puzzle Tree

Trees that Look Like Penises 1

Botanical Name: Araucaria Araucana

Native to South America, this tree might not have an overall look of a penis, but at the younger stage of growth, its branches have that shape that we are talking about!

2. Baobab

Trees that Look Like Penises

Botanical Name: Adansonia

Before you put your blazing guns at us for it not resembling entirely like a penis, wait! Look at its trunk closely! Doesn’t it look like an erect, straight one? It’s an iconic tree with a lot of character!

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3. Pandanus Trees

Trees With Penis-Resemblance

Botanical Name: Pandanus

The dangling prop roots that grow from the main trunk of the tree look like several hanging penises, giving it a characteristic appearance!

4. Devil’s Penis Tree

best Trees With Penis-Resemblance

Botanical Name: Iriartea deltoidea

The palm’s trunk can get covered with extra growth, which makes it look like it has grown several penises at once! Do note that not all trees from this genus exhibit this behavior, and it can be a rare occurrence.

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5. Roots of an Arecanut Tree

Trees Resembling Penises

Botanical Name: Areca catechu

Arecanut trees have a fibrous root system that spreads out from the base, taking unusual shapes, which makes them look like penises!

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Bonus – Redwood Tree that has a Penis Like Growth

Bonus - Redwood Tree that has a Penis Like Growth

This comes as a bonus because not every redwood tree has a habit of growing a “penis.” These growths result from the tree’s response to stress, injury, or infection – which results in these burls – irregular growths that occur on trees, including redwoods. They are typically woody and contain a proliferation of shoots and buds.

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Trees that Look Like Penises – Conclusion

While Mother Nature might not have intended these trees to take up these shapes, it’s a delightful reminder of how diverse and unexpectedly entertaining the natural world can be!

So, the next time you venture out in the wild or a garden, keep an eye out – you never know what amusing shapes you’ll find in the greenery! 🌳😄

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