9 Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon

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Want to keep your yard trouble-free? Here are 9 Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon and better leave them for morning or the evening.

To help you maintain a good yard with healthy plants, we bring you the top Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon! Follow these tips to have a fabulous garden all year round!

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Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon

1. Avoid Watering

Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon

Watering your garden plants in the afternoon is not a good idea, as the sun is at its peak, the water will vaporize soon instead of getting absorbed by the roots and soil. Following a morning schedule is the best when it comes to watering!

2. Do Not Re-pot and Transplant

Planting or repotting tasks are best done in the evening or morning for saving plants from transplanting shock. Doing the same in the afternoon will expose them to intense heat, making them go into a state of shock.

If possible, transplanting is done best on a cloudy day with a cool and humid atmosphere, which helps in providing sufficient time to adapt and establish.

3. Say No to Pruning

Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon 2

Pruning requires a lot of attention in maintaining the shape, beauty, and health of plants. It’s best that you don’t perform this task in the afternoon as it will expose the fresh wounds of the plants to intense heat. This tip is applicable most for hot frost-free climates. Do this work in the early morning or evening.

4. Avoid Taking Cuttings to Propagate


Taking cuttings in the afternoon sun is not a good idea as the plant is devoid of moisture during the intense heat. Also, once you take the cutting, the heat will accelerate the process of wilting, which will decrease the chances of propagation.

Always propagate the plant in the early morning or late evening. The same applies to divisions, too.

5. No Fertilization

Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon 3

Applying water-soluble fertilizer works best in the morning or evening, as the sun is not present during these times of the day. Feeding the plants in intense heat will do more harm than good.

If you are using a liquid fertilizer, then most of it will evaporate in the sun, wasting the product.

6. Don’t Use Pesticides

Using pesticides that contain oil in the afternoon can encourage the risk of phototoxicity. Most of the chemical pesticides and fungicides will also evaporate in the heat. Also, as the pollinators are most active during mid-day–spraying pesticides this time will harm them too.

7. Avoid Deadheading Flowers

Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon 4

Cutting off spent flowers and leaves can become a tiresome task, especially if you live in a warm climate. It will also expose the wounds to the intense heat of the sun, which can damage the stems.

8. Weeding


The soil around the plants can be very hard due to the harsh sun, which meakes pulling off weeds difficult and it may also damage the plant’s roots they are near to. It is best to weed the garden just after you have watered your plants in the morning or evening.

Have a look at some helpful weeding tips here

9. Harvesting Herbs

Gardening Things You Should Never Do in the Afternoon 5

Essential oils in the herbs are not at their peak in the afternoon, so avoid harvesting the leaves if you want an amazing flavor. The best time to harvest herbs is early in the morning, right before the dew dries out, for the best flavor and taste!

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