17 DIY Ideas for Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles

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Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles is an ideal way to reuse throwable soda or water bottles and creating a mini garden at zero cost!

We all are aware that it’s difficult to recycle plastic and rather than throwing plastic bottles away, you can reuse them in creative ways. One of them is Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles. It’s an innovative trash-to-treasure craft and can be completed in less than an hour!

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Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles Ideas

1. Plastic Bottle Herb Garden in Less Space

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles

Short on space? No worries! If you have some plastic bottles, hooks, and a wooden plank, you can create a small plastic bottle herb garden. Check this post for more details.

2. Cute Plastic Herb Planter

Include your kids in this creative task and help them learn the use of recycled bottles by growing herbs into them. More details here!

3. Self-watering Herb Garden with Plastic Bottle

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 2

Decorate your windowsill with this easy-to-do project with a self-watering facility and grow your favorite fragrant herbs. Learn more in this tutorial.

4. Hanging Plastic bottles herb Garden

Try this attractive and unique display of hanging planters in recycled plastic bottles and grow mint, chives, oregano, and basil. Follow this DIY

5. Framed Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 3

Unused soda bottles and a wooden frame can be a great combo for growing your favorite herbs! This easy DIY requires very little space and looks attractive too.

6. Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

Grow several herbs together by utilizing the vertical space of a wall. Arrange used clean plastic bottles horizontally and hang them with rope as directed in this post.

7. Plastic Bottle Containers for Herbs

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 4

Make these amazing plastic bottle containers for growing herbs! Check out this post for many creative and unique ideas.

8. Plastic Bottle Farm Animal Planter

Brush up your craft skills by recycling used water or soda bottles for growing herbs. Use animal cutouts to make these planters more attractive, as mentioned in this post!

9. Easy DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 5

Reuse soda bottles for growing herbs! Hang them upside down on the wall. Make a hole in their caps for good drainage. Click here for more info.

10. Colorful Plastic Bottle Planter

How about converting plastic bottles into colorful polka-dot planters? Check this video for more details!

11. Tower of Plastic Bottles for Planting Herbs

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 6

Build a tower of plastic bottles for growing herbs in a small space. It also helps in saving water. Check this video!

12. Go Green Upside Down Hanging Planters

By planting herbs upside down, you’ll be keeping them off the ground, safeguarding from pests. This position will also expose them to sunlight well.

13. Turn Plastic Bottles Into the Cute Indoor Herb Garden

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 7

Leftover juice bottles or milk containers can be put to good use this way. Hang them by the sunny window and get a fresh supply of herbs! Details are here.

14. DIY Self-Watering Plastic Bottle Seed Starter

A fun DIY project, the self-watering system will allow fussy gardeners to grow herbs with ease!

15. Vertical Hanging Garden from Plastic Bottles

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 8

This video tutorial will guide you into making a beautiful herb wall garden using just the soda or water bottles.

16. DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Planters


It’s amazing how you could create a mini garden with 1-liter plastic bottles. Follow the steps in this DIY to make cute planters.

17. Hanging Planter With a Recycled Plastic Soda Bottle

Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles 9

Bottles, foil, tape, and thread are all the household items you need for this DIY. It’ll help you to save space and have a fresh harvest of herbs.

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