4 Secret Succulent Growing Tips No One Ever Told You

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Discover the 4 most straightforward yet most effective Succulent Growing Tips No One Ever Told You in this article!

Succulents are fuss-free plants, and they don’t like overcaring parents–if you’re one of them, our 4 Succulent Growing Tips will help you a lot.

Here are the best tips to force Succulents to grow more pups

Succulent Growing Tips No One Ever Told You

1. If You Think It’s Time to Water Your Succulents, Wait for One or Two More Days

Succulent Growing Tips No One Ever Told You
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Do not make your succulent die from overwatering. And this tip is most effective–whenever you feel it’s time to water your succulent or cactus plant, wait for a couple more days.

Rule: Insert a finger in the soil; if it feels dry, then it’s still not the right time to water: Wait for one more day.

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2. Your Succulent is in a Bright Spot? Shift it to Brighter

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While growing succulents indoors, provide them more light than your houseplants. While succulents can tolerate shade, they are not your usual houseplants.

Rule: A bright windowsill is the best spot for indoor succulents.

3. Fertilizing Too Much, Thinking it will Make them Grow More? Stop

Succulent Growing Tips No One Ever Told You 2

Succulents grow slowly and naturally prefer poor soil. They do not like to be fertilized very frequently like your regular plants.

Rule: It is best to feed them one or two times a month with a balanced liquid fertilizer, like 20-20-20, diluted to one-quarter of the recommended strength. Avoid fertilizing in cold winters in USDA Zones below 9.

4. Growing them in a Large Pot Will Not Result in a Bigger Plant


Succulents in small pots won’t die from root rot because roots will absorb the moisture from the soil quickly. Also, succulents in a sizeable pot will soon complete their root growth and focus their energy on top development while producing more flowers and pups.

Rule: Make sure the pot is only one size bigger than the root ball. Most small succulents would fit well in a 3-4 inches pot.

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