5 Masterful Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups

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Follow these Masterful Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups and replicate your favorite plants without any cost. You can also gift them to friends!

Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups

The best thing about succulents is some of them grow babies, which you can separate easily! To help you multiply them quickly, here are some helpful Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups!

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Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups

1. Choose Succulents that Produce Pups

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Isn’t it obvious! You can have pups by selecting species that produce babies like Hens and Chicks, Haworthia, Echeveria, Agave, and some of the most popular ones like Snake plants and Aloes.

Growing these types will ensure you have pups that you can separate from the mother plant and grow in separate pots.

2. Keep Succulents in Pot Bound State

If you want to boost pups’ production, keeping your succulents in small pots and promoting root-bound conditions will help. Once the plant has a pot full of roots, it will direct its energy into producing more pups. This is the biggest secret when it comes to producing more succulent pups!

Keeping succulents in a larger pot than needed will also increase the chances of fungal infection and root rot, which will eventually hamper the plant’s ability to grow well and produce pups.

3. Buy Adult or Flowering Succulents

Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups 2
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Small succulents will not be able to produce pups soon. It will be a good idea to buy adult succulents if you want pups soon. Also, the majority of succulents produce pups after flowering, which is why it’s a clever thing to buy ones that are blooming.

4. Fertilize them Moderately

You should fertilize succulents way less than other plants but still, regular feeding in a very weak dose helps succulents to grow fuller and produce pups since healthy plants reproduce better. Use a balanced liquid feed like 10-10-10, diluted to 1/4 strength, once in 2-4 weeks during their growing period. Avoid feeding them in winters in cold climates below USDA Zone 9b.

5. Provide them Enough Warmth and Light

Tips to Force Succulents to Grow More Pups 3

Light and warm temperature range play a crucial role in the right development of succulents, making the plant grow pups better. If you want pups, avoid keeping succulents in the shade and choose a spot where they get direct sunlight all day long. This will result in better growth and will also encourage the plant to grow more pups.

The Bottom Line

The key to encouraging succulents to produce more pups is to keep them in a slightly stressed state or in challenging conditions, so they feel the need to grow offsets. This includes watering these plants much less than needed, along with keeping them in an area where they get heat and sunlight all day long.

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