26 Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants

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If you love gardening for the peace it brings, you must try these Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants and carry the peace with you!

We’ve gathered a list of the best Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants that you’ll find on the web and it’ll change your mind about tattoos. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Look at the Herb Tattoo Meaning and Ideas

What Do Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean?

Spiritual plant tattoos have deep meanings associated with them. People believe that many of these have extraordinary effects and push them to get better in their spiritual journey.

People often get lotus flowers, which are a classic symbol of enlightenment. Some get the Tree of Life, which is connected to many religions and represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. There are tons of designs you can go for, but the central idea of these inks remains the same—aiding the bearer in their chosen spiritual path.

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants

1. Lotus Blossom

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 1

Lotus flowers help you rise above challenges you face in life just how the plant blooms in muddy waters. Plus, they’re really pretty.

2. Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Here’s a tattoo of the Tree of Life with humans as the trunk and the roots reaching down and anchoring to the earth.

3. Sunflower

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 3

This one is not an ordinary sunflower ink but is expanded like a mandala. It’s for positive energy and renewal.

4. Sacred Oak

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean

Why not go with a spiritual oak tree tattoo? The Celts and Druids believed it attracted wisdom, knowledge, and protection.

5. Mystical Fern

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 5

Here’s a large fern covering the sleeve that represents adaptability and new beginnings. It can be a lovely choice for a first ink.

6. Floral Mandala Idea

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean 1

Mandalas bring wholeness and balance because they’re created with recurring patterns. In short, they complete you and help you focus.

7. Spiritual Tattoo with Bamboo

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 7

The bamboo represents resilience—bending but not breaking. Notice how this one’s done in subtle but dark brushstrokes to make it stand out?

8. Hummingbird and Flowers

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean 1

Hummingbirds are associated with positivity and are also seen as messengers from the spirit world. They carry prayers and wishes. So select a flower that holds personal significance.

9. Moonlit Forest Guardian

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 9

This Moonlight spirit guardian has the body of a lion, long horns, and plants growing on its back. You can get it for protection and calmness.

10. Daisy Band Spiritual Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean vine

You can also get a similar band tattoo on your forearm with a daisy chain to seek purity and cleansing of the spirit.

11. Spiritual Cactus in Neotraditional Style

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 11

You might not think cacti are spiritual, but they actually are; they symbolize inner strength and fortitude.

12. Butterfly Garden

butterfly garden Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants Mean

Here’s a spiritual tattoo with flowers, butterflies, and a mantis, showing how you must balance everything to achieve your spiritual goals.

13. Morning Glory Vine

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 13

Morning glories have a short bloom time and twist towards the sun, similar to how you reach for the light during meditation.

14. Spiritual Pine Tree

Spiritual Pine Tree

Look at the attention to detail on this spiritual tattoo of a pine tree! It’s for overcoming challenges and grounding yourself.

15. Rosebud Tattoo

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 15

Roses are versatile and can mean many different things. Take this rosebud, for example; it represents a sacred promise to the divine.

16. Mountain Range

Spiritual Pine Tree and mountian range

This stunning spiritual tattoo with plants, mountains, and the setting sun shows that the person has successfully got what they set out to achieve.

17. Succulent Harmony

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 17

You can’t hate succulents if you’re a gardener, but they’re a favorite among the tattoo community as well due to their resilience and beauty.

18. Spiritual Willow Tree

Spiritual Willow Tree

Willow trees hold much spiritual value in Ancient Chinese and Celtic cultures. In Chinese mythology, they represent a connection with your ancestors, guiding you. And in Celtic, they’re gateways between worlds.

19. Aloe Vera

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 19

Many people get aloe tattoos on their skin because they look amazing, but also because they’re a symbol of protection and healing.

20. Wildflower Bouquet

Spiritual Wlidflower

Each flower in this wildflower bouquet represents a unique aspect of life, coming together to create a beautiful whole.

21. Starlit Forest

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 21

Here’s a tattoo of a forest scene in the night with a river and lush greenery. It’s for transformation on your spiritual path with the help of the stars (guidance).

22. Bonsai Tree

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 23

Bonsai spiritual plant tattoos represent steadfastness. Nothing is achieved in a day like these trees, and you should believe in baby steps.

23. Water Lily Pond

Spiritual water lily pond

If you want your life to be simple and calm, a water lily pond tattoo is for you. It represents purity and enlightenment.

24. Spiritual Palm Leaf

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 25

You can also get a spiritual palm leaf body art that represents overcoming challenges and reaching for the sky.

25. Cherry Blossoms

Spiritual cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms are popular plant choices for a spiritual tattoo because they bloom for a very short time, teaching you about life’s impermanence.

26. Four Leaf Clover

Spiritual Tattoos Related to Plants 27

Four Leaf Clovers are rare and represent Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck. They’re also seen as a divine favor or blessings.

Why a Spiritual Plant Tattoo?

Spiritual tattoos of plants serve as a way to focus on what’s important. They teach you valuable lessons and stay with you throughout your path.

They’re a great choice for anyone, and you can get them during any phase of your journey. But you must choose the right one that showcases what you want it to.

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