Slug Prevention | How to Prevent Slugs and Snails in the Garden

See How to Prevent Slugs and Snails in the Garden, it is not fun to have them in the place you have made with lot of efforts. They are unpleasant to see and hard to get rid of. Here in this article, you will find lots of slug prevention tips. slug-412694_640

1. Tidy up the Garden

Clean around the garden edgings, hedges and flower beds so that the snails can not seek shelter there.
Remove fallen fruit and other appealing organic stuff they love.

A poorly managed compost, leaves or grass can also give them food, shelter and a good environment for laying eggs.

2. Water in the Morning

Water in the morning and not in evening. Slugs and Snails are nocturnal being and are favored by the humid nights. They love moisture and when you water in the evening, it creates a favorable conditions for them to thrive in.

3. Combat Slugs early

Start to kill them off early in the growing season, in the spring. Then you’ll have a limited population, you will prevent them from laying eggs since the beginning of the growth of garden.

4. Hunt them at Evening or Early Morning

Slugs and snails are active in night or when it is slightly dark.
Hunt them when they remain active – especially early morning and in evening.

It is labor intensive, but effective if performed regularly for several weeks.

How to Kill Slugs

1. Slugs are killed by slitting off their head. The easiest way is to use a shovel with the sharp edge.

2. You can also kill them using boiling water. This way they die off quickly and painlessly.

3. Pick them up with tweezers and put them in a container with concentrated washer fluid. They’ll die instantly.

4. Make a beer trap, dig a hole that forms the trap and set down a bowl of beer or an open bottle of beer to lure slugs. Empty the trap daily.

5. Use salt to kill slugs, sprinkle. It draws the water out of their soft bodies.

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Other Slug Prevention Tips slug-399764_640_mini

1. Use lime and sawdust as a barrier around the plants you would like to protect, you can also use eggshells. This prevents the slugs.
The one disadvantage of such barrier is that it washes out in rain and then you will have to lay this out again.

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2. Coffee grounds and mashed rhubarb are also useful to deter them.

3. Horse chestnuts collected in the fall can be ground and laid out around the plants too. Researchers have found that these garden pests do not tolerate chestnut mixture.

4. Wash or replace the soil and pots of new plants you buy before putting them in the garden to avoid small snail or slug eggs to spread. This is the most essential slug prevention tip.

5. One of the easiest thing you can do to kill slugs is to get a duck, it loves to eat them with a good appetite and is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of slugs. Another advantage of having ducks is that they fertilize garden afterwards. Though there is one problem with them is that they’ll also eat seedlings of specific plants they like.

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  1. We live in Southwest Colorado, elevation being 7,000 ft. The slugs survive through the winter snow! We have lots of pine trees. It’s a never-ending battle to keep up with raking the needles. The slugs like to hide under them. To try to pick them up with tweezers, etc. would be impossible. Any other ideas for the armies of slugs that never die off, would be gladly welcomed!

    • I took ash from my wood stove last year and spread it around the garden edges. I hated that I would bring home a new plant and it would be demolished by morning. I heard of this idea and it really worked. I also put down crushed egg shells. If I see them still around I get my salt shaker.
      A few years back we lived by a treed area and it was a constant battle, one night armed with salt shakers the grand kids and I went hunting. with in two hours we eliminated over 500 of them. Unbelievable, but it saved most of my strawberries that year. Good luck.

  2. Dee i have found (by accident) that if you sprinkle “Miracle Grow” Plant food (the blue crystals) it kills them instantly….soooo next time buy a big economy box of “Miracle Grow” -do not dilute into water just sprinkle around the plants and walk away —oh yeah your plants will thank you as well—Win/Win!
    Finally the Miracle Grow is actually cheaper than the basic snail/slug killer sold in stores


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