10 Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops

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Did you know about Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops? Keep scrolling to discover these fascinating lookalikes!

These plants have so much resemblance to the upper most portion of a pineapple that you’ll have a tough time spotting the right one out!

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops

1. Earth Star

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 1

Botanical Name: Cryptanthus bromelioides

Its forming leaves mimic the shape and texture of a pineapple top. These low-growing plants are popular for decoration, dish gardens, and mini landscapes.

2. Puya

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 2

Botanical Name: Puya spp.

When young, Puya plants look a lot like pineapple tops. After maturing, they produce tall flowers that attract various pollinators. As evident by the picture above, they can grow quite tall!

3. Aloe

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 3

Botanical Name: Aloe

Aloes deserve a place on every list, and it’s no surprise they fit here too. The succulent leaves of these medicinal plants form a rosette shape that closely resembles a pineapple.

4. Tillandsias

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 4

Botanical Name: Tillandsia spp.

Another plant worth mentioning that resembles pineapple tops at a young age is Tillandsias. Also known as air plants, these plants can be a colorful addition to any space!

5. Dyckia

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 3

Botanical Name: Dyckia spp.

Native to South America, Dyckias are often mistaken for succulents; they do look like pineapple tops! Those spiky sides on the leaves are a getaway, though!

6. Silver Vase Plant

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 6

Botanical Name: Aechmea fasciata

The flowers of the Silver Vase Plant resemble a pineapple top. The best part – you can grow it as a houseplant or in tropical gardens.

7. Large Bromeliad

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 7

Botanical Name: Alcantarea imperialis

These bromeliads have large leaves, and many of them resemble pineapple tops. They grow epiphytically on trees or rocks but can also be cultivated in gardens.

8. Guzmania

Guzmania indoor

Botanical Name: Guzmania spp.

Guzmanias are known for their rosette-pattern leaves and beautiful flower spikes. Their foliage resembles the dense crown of a pineapple, and their bracts are colorful.

9. Spider Plant

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops on table

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

This one is no surprise! The long, arching leaves that sprout from a central rosette make these plants one of the most realistic pineapple lookalikes.

10. Cordyline

Plants That Look Like Pineapple Tops 1

Botanical Name: Cordyline fruticosa

Last on the list of plants that look like pineapple tops – many Cordyline varieties have a distant resemblance because their leaves grow in the same rosette manner.

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