17 Plants with Prickly Leaves

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Plants with Prickly Leaves look quite quirky with their thorny foliage! This also saves them from the nibble of animals, too!

From the pointy foliage of the holly to the stand-out agaves, plants with prickly leaves can be quite a unique addition to any garden!

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Plants with Prickly Leaves

1. Cactus Varieties

Plants with Prickly Leaves 1

Cacti boast a distinctive feature—prickly leaves modified into spines. These water-storing plants need less maintenance and care, making them perfect for forgetful gardeners.

2. Aloe Vera

aloevera with Prickly Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Aloe Vera is popular for its medicinal properties and also looks quite great while being at it. The leaves have small spines and they are super pointy at the ends, too!

3. Rose

Prickly Leaves rose 3

Botanical Name: Rosa spp.

Roses are recognized for their thorny stems and serrated, prickly leaves. These natural defenses add an element of protection to the beauty of these flowers.

4. Agave

agave with Prickly Leaves 4

Botanical Name: Agave spp.

Agaves are the epitome of plants with prickly leaves. Be it a small one or a large specimen, you can notice the spiny ‘teeth’ all around the foliage!

5. Holly Prickly Leaves holly 5

Botanical Name: Ilex spp.

A holiday plant, this one exhibits glossy, serrated leaves. The prickly leaves contribute to their traditional role in winter celebrations.

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6. Blackberry

Prickly Leaves plant 6

Botanical Name: Rubus fruticosus

Blackberry bushes offer more than delicious berries — they have thorns and prickly leaves. Pointy leaves or not, these are a must-have in the garden!

8. Yucca

yucca plant Prickly Leaves 8

Botanical Name: Yucca spp.

Yucca plants stand out with their slender, sword-like leaves. Their leaves have long, pointed tips, and their edges are lined with needle-like prickles.

9. Thistle

Plants with Prickly Leaves 9

Botanical Name: Cirsium spp.

Thistles produce purple blooms and prickly leaves that deter herbivores. Despite their pointy appearance, these plants support pollinators and local ecosystems.

10. Nettle

Prickly Leaves plant 10

Botanical Name: Urtica spp.

Nettles are notorious for their stinging hair and also have serrated, prickly leaves that deliver a mild toxin upon contact.

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11. Oregon Grape

oregan grapes with Prickly Leaves 11

Botanical Name: Mahonia aquifolium

Oregon Grape is known for its holly-like leaves and showcases clusters of yellow flowers. Its tart berries stand out amidst the prickly foliage.

12. Lace Aloe

Plants with Prickly Leaves 12

Botanical Name: Aristaloe aristata

Lace Aloe boasts slender leaves with delicate, toothed margins and tiny prickles. The subtle pointy foliage gives it an eye-catching look!

13. Venus Fly Trap

venus flytrap plant with pricky leaves 13

Botanical Name: Dionaea muscipula

Venus Fly Trap plants have leaves with sensitive trigger hairs or blades that help them catch their prey. They give this plant a stand-out look!

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14. Juniper

juniper pricky leaves plant 14
shutterstock/Deanna Laing

Botanical Name: Juniperus spp.

Juniper bushes have needle-like leaves that can be prickly to the touch. These evergreen plants are a great choice for landscapes.

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15. Sea Holly

Prickly Leaves plant 15

Botanical Name: Eryngium maritimum

Sea Holly has spiky flower heads and a thistle-like appearance. The plant’s prickly leaves protect it against herbivores.

16. Barberry

 Prickly Leaves plant 16

Botanical Name: Berberis spp.

Not as pointy as other ones on this list, but the leaves surely have a prickly appearance.  These shrubs also grow beautiful yellow flowers.

17. Mexican Poppy

mexican poppy with Prickly Leaves 17

Botanical Name: Argemone mexicana

This one has to be the most notorious weed out there and its prickly leaves are the reason why it is one! It keeps the plant safe from the animal nibbles!

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