20 Peppers That Grow Upwards

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Grow upward peppers like Yatsufusa and Takanotsume make harvesting a breeze. From the festive Christmas Peppers to the spicy NuMex Twilight, their vibrant colors and unique shapes add flair to your garden. These peppers, like the Thai Peppers, are easy to spot and perfect for a visually appealing and flavorful harvest. Learn more below.

Peppers That Grow Upwards are a great choice for people who want to pick their harvest quickly without any fuss!

Peppers that grow upwards are easy to find as they are not hidden in the dense foliage, making it really easy to know which one is ready or not!

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Peppers That Grow Upwards

1. Yatsufusa Peppers

yatsufusa Peppers That Grow Upwards

Also known as ‘Chiles Japones,’ these Japanese peppers are common to make shichimi, which is a popular spice blend. Their upward-growing pods make them visually appealing.

2. Takanotsume Peppers

 Peppers That Grow Upwards

One of the most popular chile types in Japan, Takanotsume peppers are popular in various Asian cuisines. Their striking red hue makes them aesthetically pleasing.

3. Mirasol Peppers

Peppers With An Upward Growth

Mirasol translates to “look at the sun,” a sign of their upward growth pattern. Mirasol comes in various varieties that offer diverse options for your garden.

4. Candlelight Peppers

candlelights Peppers That Grow Upwards

These peppers are popular as ornamental plants and resemble tiny red flames amid greenery. Their beautiful hue looks stunning on garden borders.

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5. Chilly Chili Peppers

Peppers Grow Upwards

Aptly named for their lack of heat, Chilly Chili peppers grow upward, which makes them an attractive choice for visual appeal.

6. Brazilian Starfish Peppers

Brazilian Starfish Peppers Grow Upward

With starfish-shaped fruits that occasionally grow upwards, Brazilian starfish peppers offer a unique addition to your pepper collection.

7. Christmas Peppers

Peppers with Vertical Growth

These peppers are known to transition from green to red while displaying beautiful Christmas colors. Their upward growth ensures that their color is on full display!

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8. NuMex Twilight Peppers

NuMex Twilight Peppers That Grow Upwards

NuMex peppers start as yellow, turn purple, and finally mature to orangey-red. These offer a stunning visual display while adding a spicy kick to your dishes.

9. Tabasco Peppers

Tabasco Peppers with Vertical Growth

Made famous because of Tabasco hot sauce, these peppers are famous for their heat. Their pods easily fall from the plant when ripe, so be quick to pick them up.

10. Halloween Peppers

Upward-Growing Peppers

Named after the holiday, NuMex Halloween peppers transition from dark purple to orange. Their upward growth creates a spooky yet visually striking addition to your garden.

11. Piquin Peppers

Peppers with Vertical Growth 3

These peppers have a small berry shape and grow upward. Its varieties like ‘chiltepín,’ ‘bird dung,’ and ‘sport’ provide unique options for your garden.

12. Quintisho Peppers

Peppers with Horizontal Growth

This spicy variety produces small berries that mostly grow upwards. Quintisho peppers offer a citrusy flavor and a unique pod shape.

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13. Alma Paprika Peppers

Peppers with an upward growth

These Hungarian cherry-like peppers have a mild heat and form clusters of upward-growing pods. The Alma Paprika Peppers are perfect for drying and grinding into paprika.

14. Guam Boonies Peppers

Peppers with an upward growth pattern

These small Capsicum frutescens species peppers are used for powders and hot sauces. Boonie pepper plants love lots of sunlight and space to grow.

15. Piri Piri Peppers

Upward-Growing Peppers

Native to Africa, these chilies are used in dried form or for making hot sauce. This pepper variety is a close relative of the Tabasco pepper and shares some similar traits.

16. Capsicum Eximium Peppers

capsicum eximum Peppers That Grow Upwards

These tiny and upright-growing pods come from a wild species of pepper with beautiful purple flowers. They are really easy to grow and maintain.

17. Chinese 5 Color Peppers

Peppers with Vertical Growth

These small cone-shaped chilies from China are a visual delight because of a dazzling array of colors as they ripen. They create a stunning display.

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18. Thai Peppers

 Peppers That Grow Upwards 2

As the name suggests, these are native to Thailand and come in vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. These spicy peppers add a sharp kick to Southeast Asian dishes.

19. Suryankhi Cluster Peppers

Peppers With An Upward

Named after the clusters of chiles they produce, these peppers are traditionally used in spicy curries and chutneys. These are known for good yields.

20. Santaka Peppers

Peppers With An Upward Growth 1

These Japanese peppers are known for their spiciness and productivity, which makes them an excellent choice for year-round cooking.

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