When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida + Best Peppers to Grow in Florida

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Want to know When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid-Florida? Here are all the details with a list of the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida.

When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida

If you are not sure When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid-Florida, don’t worry. This article will give you a detailed insight into how to do it correctly to get the best harvest!

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Green Peppers Information

Green peppers are rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which reduce the risk of heart disease by protecting the cells against free radicals.

These tangy and crunchy vegetables are also excellent sources of vitamins A, C, and B6. They provide ample nutrition to your body to maintain healthy skin and keep the nervous system sharp. But that is not all; they also have many other health benefits and are extremely nutritious.

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Best Peppers to Grow in Florida

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You can try ‘Big Bertha,’ ‘Red Knight,’ and ‘California Wonder,’ which are great for Florida gardens. Other peppers for Florida include ‘Cubanelle’ ‘Giant Marconi,’ ‘Sweet Banana,’ and ‘Mariachi.’

If you want to grow hot peppers, go with the jalapeno varieties ‘Jalapeno M’ or ‘Early Jalapeno’. Check out the best peppers below.

1. Bell Peppers

This heat-loving hybrid has the properties of pepper without the frailty of heirloom peppers. It is one of the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida.

2. Anaheim Peppers

This disease-resistant pepper is popular in Florida and is best for urban gardening with compact spaces. It can be stuffed and used in salsa dishes.

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3. Habanero Peppers

This pepper variety is an ideal choice for vertical gardening. It gets bigger and hotter when the weather gets warmer and is one of the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida.

4. Banana Peppers

This compact, insect and disease-resistant pepper provides harvest across the fall till the first frost.

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5. Jalapeno Peppers

It prefers hot, humid weather and grows fast. It is one of the best container varieties and is considered among the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida.

6. Bulgarian Peppers

Bulgarian peppers are perfect for unusually dry summers. They do not need much water to thrive, flower, and form crops.

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7. Italian Peppers

One of the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida, Italian peppers can be eaten raw, added to salsa, or stuffed. You only need a sunny balcony or patio to grow them in pots.

8. Cayenne Peppers

This hot pepper is a hybrid that withstands all Florida conditions, making them perfect for growing in its climate.

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9. Poblano Peppers

This heirloom pepper is the tastiest and easiest-to-grow variety. It is quite popular and among the Best Peppers to Grow in Florida.

10. Shishito Peppers

This variety is becoming famous in Florida because of its small size. You can use it in salads, sauces, and as an appetizer.

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When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida?


Before you ask When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida, understand that they cannot withstand frost or cold weather under 50 F.

  • The USDA zones of mid-Florida are from 8-11, so if you live in the same region, the best time to grow peppers is when the weather starts to warm up and the night temperatures are above 55-60 F consistently.
  • Before you search for When to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida, focus closely on local weather during spring, particularly when the last frost date was.
  • As a general rule, where there is no frost for two weeks, you can safely plant peppers outside in Florida.
  • If the frost comes after planting peppers, take immediate action. Bring potted peppers indoors. If they are in the ground, cover them in burlap.

Pro Tip: If you are unsure when to Plant Green Peppers in Mid Florida, remember this simple rule – It is best to grow in the summer or when the weather is warm and the worst when the weather gets colder. If it did not frost for 14-16 days in your area/region, you are all good to plant peppers outside in Florida!

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When to Start Pepper Seeds Indoors?

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Pepper takes 40-80 days to mature from seeds indoors. After that, you can transplant them into the garden. For an accurate date to start pepper seeds indoors, you must find the last average frost date and subtract 60 days from it.

Remember that the best way to move potted pepper plants outdoors is to acclimate them first. Increase the time gradually each day by an hour for a week. This technique will harden the pepper plants, making it easy for them to fight off drought, diseases, pests, and wet conditions.

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