6 Best Dark Green and Black Monsteras

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Learn about the best black monstera varieties like Blanchetii and Pinnatipartita, showcasing deep green leaves that can appear almost black in specific lighting. There are many unique options like Obliqua and Beccarii with dark shades and distinctive features, or you can opt for the slender leaves of Australasica and the star of the list, Mini Monstera, a dark living focal point for your living room.

These dark green and black monsteras are great to add that gothic appeal indoors while inviting a tropical feel!

These black monsteras have an intense dark green hue, which makes them appear as if they have a night-like shade!

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Best Black Monsteras

Here, ‘black’ refers to the deep, rich green hue that gives black monsteras their distinctive and almost ‘dark’ appearance.

1. Blanchetii

Best Dark Green and Black Monsteras

Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii ‘Blanchetii’

Like other Monstera varieties, it boasts very deep green leaves that may appear almost black under specific lighting conditions.

2. Pinnatipartita

Best Dark Green Monsteras

Botanical Name: Monstera pinnatipartita

In subdued lighting, this species exhibits a distinctive leaf color characterized by deep splits and holes that make it look more appealing!

3. Obliqua

Best Black Monsteras

Botanical Name: Monstera obliqua

Although not typically ‘black,’ this rare Monstera variety can exhibit very dark green, almost translucent leaves with very large holes.

4. Beccarii

Rhaphidophora Beccarii plant pot holing in hand

Botanical Name: Rhaphidóphora beccárii

It boasts oblong foliage that splits as the plant matures. The leaves have a very dark shade but do note that not every foliage will have a deeper hue.

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5. Australasica

Top Black and Dark Green Monsteras

Botanical Name: Monstera rhaphidophora australasica

The slender leaves of this plant stand out with their black-green leaves. Do note that it does best in indirect light all day long.

6. Mini Monstera

The Greatest Black and Dark Green Monsteras
lush and green

Botanical Name: Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

It has to be the star on this list! I mean, look at the leaves and the way they are shaped. This one can be a dark living focal point of the living room for sure.

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