14 Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant

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If you are getting confused by the Weeds That Look Like Squash Plants – this article will help you pick them out positively! 

Identifying Weeds That Look Like Squash Plants in your garden can be tough due to their striking resemblance to squash in leaf shape, size, and color. Don’t worry! We are here to help you identify them easily!

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Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant

1. Black Nightshade

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant 1

Botanical Name: Solanum nigrum

This common weed features broad, heart-like leaves that look similar to squash but are smaller and have a smoother texture.

2. Buffalo Bur


Botanical Name: Solanum rostratum

Its leaves are spiny and lobed, resembling the rough texture of squash leaves. However, they are generally more elongated and pointed.

3. Bur Cucumber

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant 3

Botanical Name: Sicyos angulatus

While squash leaves are large and somewhat coarse, the leaves of bur cucumber are thinner and more delicate, with a slightly rough texture.

Pro Tip to Identify: The veins on bur cucumber leaves are more pronounced, adding to their distinct appearance.

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4. Carolina Horsenettle

Botanical Name: Solanum carolinense

This plant’s leaves are lobed like squash but are a lot thinner. You can also make them out easily by the serration on the edges.

5. Cocklebur

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant 5

Botanical Name: Xanthium strumarium

The leaves of the cocklebur are broad and heart-like, very much like that of squash, but they have a rougher, hairier surface.

6. Common Lambsquarters


Botanical Name: Chenopodium album

The foliage of this plant has a broad base, which looks very much like the shape of squash leaves but is usually lighter in color and has a mealy texture.

7. Giant Ragweed

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant7

Botanical Name: Ambrosia trifida

Its leaves are deeply lobed and can be mistaken for squash. However, you can make out the difference by the size (They are larger than squash) and have a rougher texture.

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8. Ground Cherry

Botanical Name: Physalis spp.

The leaves of this weed are heart-shaped with smooth edges, resembling young squash leaves, but are generally smaller and more delicate.

9. Hairy Nightshade

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant 9

Botanical Name: Solanum sarrachoides

Like Black Nightshade, its leaves are heart-shaped and can be confused with squash. You can easily spot this one out, thanks to the hairy surface.

10. Jimsonweed


Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

This weed has large, broad leaves with deep lobes, similar to squash, but they are often more elongated and have a wavy margin.

11. Manroot

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant 11

Botanical Name: Marah oreganus

Manroot vine comes from the Cucurbitaceae family and is a relative of squash plants with similar leaves and appearance. You can make it out with its small white flowers, though.

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12. Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea spp.

Some Morning Glories are often mistaken for squash plants because they have lobed leaves. However, those flowers! Well, you can pick these out from miles!

13. Velvetleaf

Weeds That Look Like Squash Plant13

Botanical Name: Abutilon theophrasti

Its leaves are heart-shaped and slightly velvety to the touch, similar to squash leaves, but are usually larger and have a more distinct texture.

14. Wild Cucumber

Botanical Name: Echinocystis lobata

This plant features broad, triangular leaves that can resemble squash leaves, but they are thinner and more delicate.

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How to Identify a Squash Plant? 

The next time you’re unsure, look out for these things to know if you have a squash plant or a look-alike weed.

  • Size: Squash plants come in many sizes with small or large fruits. They’re typically 1-3 feet tall and 3-10 feet wide.
  • Leaves: The leaves of a squash are large and lobed. They can be smooth, ridged, or warty, but they will be heavily lobed.
  • Fruit: If you find a round, block, elongated, or necked fruit attached to the plant, it means it’s a squash. It may be small or large.

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