17 Most Beautiful Purple Orchid Varieties

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These rare and exquisite Purple Orchid Varieties can add a touch of magnificence anywhere! Pick your favorite one out!

These stunning Purple Orchid Varieties, ranging from the deep, velvety tones of the ‘Black Prince’ to the delicate, lavender whispers of the ‘Phalaenopsis violacea,’ offer a mesmerizing palette for any garden or home setting.

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Best Purple Orchid Varieties

Some of the orchids on this list might not be pure purple and may have a touch of pink in the hue.

1. Bellina

Purple Orchid Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis bellina var. coerulea

The Bellina Orchid is a visual delight popular for its vibrant purple petals. Its deep purple center gradually fades to softer tones at the edges, creating a mesmerizing effect.

2. Pansy Orchid

beautiful Best Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Miltoniopsis roezlii

True to its name, the Pansy Orchid boasts large, flat flowers resembling pansies. The rich purple shades, often with a velvety texture, make it a standout.

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3. Melissa Delight

Purple Orchid Varieties in balcony

Botanical Name: Vuylstekeara ‘Melissa Delight’

This variety features a striking combination of deep purple and white. Its flowers are notable for their crisp and stunning visual contrast.

4. Pachara Delight

Best Purple Orchid Varieties lovely

Botanical Name: Vanda ‘Pachara Delight’

Offering vibrant purple blooms with spots of whites, ‘Delight’ can be a captivating showstopper in your garden!

5. Royal Majestic Orchid

Purple Orchid Varieties indoor

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Royal Majestic’

Popular for its ease of care, the Moth Orchid can bloom in various purple shades, from soft lavender to deep violet, often with beautifully patterned petals.

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6. Purple Stained Laelia

lovely Best Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Cattleya purpurata var. Schusteriana

Exhibiting a unique splash pattern, this orchid’s lower petals are splashed with varying intensities of purple, creating an effect like a painter’s brush strokes.

7. Splash

Top Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name: Dendrobium kenobi ‘Purple Splash’

Though this orchid has white petals, they are outlined by a line of purple, which contrasts beautifully with both the flower and the foliage.

8. Lattice Orchids

Top best Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name: Vanda tessellata

Vanda Orchids are popular for their vibrant colors. The purple varieties are particularly striking, with some displaying an almost neon vibrancy.

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9. Piccola Surprise

Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis ‘Piccola Surprise’

This orchid showcases a delicate lavender hue reminiscent of a frosty winter morning. The subtle color is both elegant and soothing.

10. Lavender Ice

beautiful Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Cattleya ‘Lavender Ice’

These orchids have deep purple and light pink petals, making the plant look super cute! Its compact size also makes it easy to place anywhere in the house.

11. Honohono

Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Dendrobium anosmum ‘Honohono’

The Honohono Orchid blooms in cascades of small, intensely purple flowers. The sheer number of blossoms adds to its allure!

12. Dragon Kitten

Top Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name: Zygopabstia ‘Dragon Kitten Purr’

This whimsically named orchid features deep purple flowers with hints of brown in the middle and green on the border.

13. Purple Reed OrchidTop beautiful Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name: Epidendrum x obrienianum

Its slender, reed-like stems give way to vibrant purple flowers, creating an elegant appearance.

14. Moonlit Grape

Top Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name: Spathoglottis sorbet ‘Moonlit Grape’

As the name suggests, this orchid boasts deep purple flowers, that match perfectly with the light green foliage of the plant.

15. Vandachostylis

Purple Orchid Varieties
Akerne Orchids

Botanical Name: Vandachostylis colmarie

Distinguished by intensely deep violet petals with streaks of white, this orchid is a rare and exquisite variety that you must have in your collection!

16. Mayumi

amazing Top Purple Orchid Types

Botanical Name:  Brassanthe ‘Maikai’

Known for its delicate purple blooms, the Mayumi Orchid exudes a gentle beauty; each petal can have shades of white and purple.

17. Dancing Lady Orchid

Purple Orchid Varieties

Botanical Name: Oncidium

This variety is famous for its small, vibrant purple flowers that resemble dancing ladies. The playful shape and bright color make it a cheerful addition to any collection.

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