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25 Copy Worthy Office Desk Plant Pictures from Instagram

Want to improve your productivity in the office? Surrounding yourself with nature would do that!  For inspiration, start with these Office Desk Plant Pictures from Instagram.

One UK study found out that green offices can improve the productivity and work capacity of staff up to 15%. Indoor plants also enhanced work satisfaction, concentration, and air quality over the long term. If you too want to see this happening in your office–Start with the desk, taking help from these ideas.

Here are the best tall plants for home and office

Office Desk Plant Pictures from Instagram

1. Little Potted Plant on an Office Table

2. Desk Plantified!

3. Black Home Table with Plant

4. A Workplace Full of Plants!

5. Vintage Wooden Desk

6. A Green Place to Work!

7. Minimal Work From Home Setup

8. An Artistic Work Corner!

9. Work Table with a View!

10. Home Work Table with Snake Plant, Monstera, and Flowers

11. Glamorous Work Station

12. Dreamy Home Office Table

13. Plant Shelf Over Home Office Table

14. Office Desk with Floating Shelves on Wall

15. Pictures, Plants, and Work Station!

16. A Relaxing Work Table

17. Work in Greenery!

18. Snake Plant with Monstera and Vines

19. A Simple Green Work Space

20. A Musician’s Work Table!

21. Office Cabinet

22. Work Desk with Potted Plants

23. Wooden Table, Cabinets, and Shelf

24. Rattan and Greenery!

25. Indoor Office Jungle!


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