8 Best Purple Flower Trees in Texas

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Are you wondering what could be the Best Purple Flower Trees in Texas? We are going to make it easy for you! Find out the best ones here!

Trees with vivid colored blooms always stand out from the rest. If you live in the second-largest U.S. state, then here are the Best Purple Flower Trees in Texas that you must grow!

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Best Purple Flower Trees in Texas

1. Chaste Tree

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus

This tree has the longest flowering season in Texas with appealing blossoms that attract pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ features beautiful lilac-purple fragrant blooms from May to September.

Vitex can survive in most soil conditions – grow it in well-draining soil under full sun and it’ll get up to 4-15 feet tall.

2. Crepe Myrtle

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia indica

This deciduous, multi-stemmed tree excels during late spring to summer when it blooms in strikingly beautiful purple, red, pink, and white flowers. It is known for its long consistent flowering cycle and features light-hued bark with small leaves that become yellow and red during fall.

Crepe Myrtle grows 2 to 3 feet every year till it matures up to 10-25 feet. It suits well to hot and sunny climates.

3. Desert Willow

Botanical Name: Chilopsis linearis

Native to the southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, this large shrub grows up to 20-30 feet tall. It displays aromatic trumpet-shaped purple to pink blooms from May to September and lures bees, and hummingbirds.

4. Purple Orchid Tree

Botanical Name: Bauhinia purpurea

This evergreen, tropical tree is indigenous to the Myanmar and Indian subcontinent. It blooms from summer to winter in pretty purple or deep maroon flowers. The tree can grow up to 15-25 feet tall in loamy or sandy soil under full sun to partial shade.

5. Purple Lily Magnolia

Botanical Name: Magnolia liliiflora

Purple Lily Magnolia is a deciduous small tree or flowering shrub, native to Asia. The tree features a massive show of lily-like pink-purple from April and early May. It grows slowly and reaches upto 8-12 feet tall and wide in moist, well-draining soil in full sun to partial shade.

6. Texas Smoke Tree

Botanical Name: Cotinus obovatus

Also known as American Smoke Tree, this multi-trunked small tree produces 6-10 inch flower clusters in deep purple to red-gray long thin petioles that look like a puff of smoke. It grows up to 15-30 feet tall with a magnificent red and red-purple foliage.

7. Royal Empress Tree


Botanical Name: Paulownia tomentosa

Also famous as the foxglove tree, it is known as the world’s fastest-growing shade tree. It flowers in spring and produces sweet-smelling purple blooms. The tree grows up to 40-50 feet tall and creates a dense canopy.

8. Texas Redbud


Botanical Name: Cercis canadensis var. texensis

If you are looking for purple and pink blossoms is an ideal choice for you. This tree can grow up to 20-30 feet tall and features heart-shaped foliage, which turns gold or red in fall. It is the pink-purple early spring flowers of this tree that steal the show!

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