10 New Year & Christmas Balcony Ideas for 2020!

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Want to transform the look of your balcony this holiday season? Do it easily with these exciting New Year & Christmas Balcony Ideas for 2020! 

It is the most beautiful time of the year again, and keeping in mind the spirit of Christmas, we have exciting New Year & Christmas Balcony Ideas for 2020 to help you decorate your apartment balcony in tune with the festival!

1. Lights, Lights, Lights!

Christmas can never be complete without the lights, and lighting them in your balcony can make it look incredible in the night! You can drape string light various objects like plants, snowman, pots, railings for that Christmasy feel!

2. Garlands and Wreaths!

Using colorful glass ornaments along with garlands is a great way to welcome Christmas! Add wreaths to the decoration, and your balcony will look no less than a mini wonderland!

3. Don’t Miss Christmas Bells

Hang some jingle bells along with garlands on your balcony railing! Let them add that holiday bling to the otherwise unattractive grills.

4. Add Star Lanterns

Want to Experience the feel of sitting in a starry night in your balcony? Then do not miss hanging star lanterns to add the warmth of festivities to your space!

5. DIY Christmas Terrarium!

A Christmas terrarium can be a nice tabletop centerpiece of your balcony during the holidays. Learn how to make it here, and to see similar ideas, click here.

6. Play with Red & Green–The Colors of Christmas!

Red and green are the colors of Christmas, and including them in your New Year, and Christmas balcony decoration is a must.

7. A Stylish Terracotta Christmas Tree!

Every plant grower has some spare terracotta pots; use them to copy this DIY. This terracotta tree will represent the Christmas tree in your balcony. Check out more fun ideas like this one here.

8. Add Cozy Furniture!

If you live in a warm country, you must add a seating space in your balcony to dine and enjoy the wine with your partner while gazing at the stars during the festive evenings!

9. Light-Up Candles

Turn your balcony into a romantic and cozy place, by lighting candles. Don’t stop by lighting just one or two to have a dreamy space!

10. A Christmas Tree in Balcony!

A decorative Christmas tree is essential in your balcony. You can add quotes, wooden or cardboard snowman, and wreath to make it better! Check out the tutorial of this DIY snowman at Frugal Home Maker.

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