8 Monstera Watering Tricks Every Plant Owner Should Know

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1. Aquarium Water Boost: Use water from your aquarium for healthier Monstera growth.

2. Sponge Absorption: Plant a clean sponge near the roots to absorb excess water and provide evenly moist soil.

3. IV Irrigation: Create a DIY drip system using an IV bag, mimicking natural rainfall for gradual and gentle watering.

4. Try Cooking Water: Reuse cooled water from boiling vegetables, packed with minerals and vitamins.

5. Olla Pot Method: Bury a porous clay pot near your Monstera to fill water in it, this will provide a steady moisture source.

6. Self-Watering Planter: If you forget watering or follow a busy schedule, try this hack.

7. Aerial Roots in Water: Submerge the aerial roots of Monstera in a small glass of water to mimic their natural search in rainforest.

8. Bottom Watering: Place the bottom of the pot in water for several minutes to encourage strong root growth.

If you’re growing a monstera, try one of these watering tricks and see the unreal changes happening to your houseplant.

When nurturing a Monstera, precision watering is key to unfurling its iconic split leaves’ lush and tropical charm, and for that, these Monstera Watering Tricks below come in handy.

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Monstera Watering Tips

1. Using Aquarium Water To Boost the Growth

Best Monstera Watering Tips 1

Aquarium water is like a natural fertilizer rich in nitrogen and other micro and macronutrients. Bingo! If you have one at your home, remove some of the water from it and dilute it with regular water in the ratio of 1:2, and irrigate your monstera with this.

2. Use a Sponge to Your Advantage

Bury a large, clean sponge near the roots. When you water the plant, the sponge absorbs excess water, releasing it slowly. This method helps in maintaining consistent soil moisture and is useful for a monstera growing in a really warm climate.

3. Go for an IV Irrigation System

Monstera Watering Tricks Every Plant Owner Should Know

Create a DIY drip system like arrangement using an IV bag. Fill the bladder with water, adjust the drip speed, and let it slowly water the plant.

It mimics a slow, natural rainfall, providing moisture without overwhelming the plant.

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4. Use Leftover Cooking Water from the Kitchen

Monstera Watering best Tips

Water from boiled vegetables contains minerals and vitamins that can boost the health and growth of your monstera plants. Before using, ensure the water is completely cool and free of oil or seasoning. Dilute it with RO water in a ratio of 1:1.

5. Go for an Olla Pot

Monstera best Watering Tricks Every Plant Owner Should Know

Bury an olla pot (a porous clay pot) near your Monstera after filling it with water. The water will seep through the pot, providing a steady moisture source; it’s a good trick when you are going out on a vacation.

This method waters the roots directly and minimizes evaporation, you can see more such ideas here!

6. Create a Self-Watering Planter

Create a Self-Watering Planter

Use a self-watering pot system for your indoor monstera if you forget to water often. We have great DIY planter ideas like this; check them out.

A consistent water supply without the risk of overwatering. You can check out a great DIY here.

7. Keep the Aerial Roots in Water

Aerial roots emerge from the stem and are easy to identify. They are often thicker and have a brownish color. Choose a small glass deep enough to submerge the aerial roots fully.

As aerial roots naturally search their way into nearby water sources in the forest places, this trick will help your houseplant similarly and encourage it to have lush growth.

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Note: Gently place the aerial roots into the water. Avoid forcing or bending them.

8. Bottom Watering

Bottom Watering

Bottom watering is a method where water is absorbed from the bottom of the pot, encouraging the roots to grow downwards and strengthening the plant.

Leave the pot in the water for about 15-30 minutes. The soil will wick up the water it needs. After removing the pot, feel the topsoil. If it feels moist, the watering is adequate.

So, which one of these Monstera watering ideas do you like most and are going to try? Share in comments 😁

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