9 Tips and Tricks to Grow a Big & Bold Monstera | Monstera Care Tips

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Learn all the tips and tricks on How to Grow a Big and Bold Monstera and give a larger-than-life look to your home or garden!

How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera

One of the most popular indoor plants, Monstera plants look stunning, require low maintenance and make a great impression. If you want to make yours stand out, then we have some tips and tricks on How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera for you!

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How to Grow a Big, Beautiful Monstera

A monstera plant indoors can grow 6-10 feet tall and following these monstera care tips can help you achieve that. One quick tip is to observe the growth of your monstera, if it’s growing one or two new leaves every couple of months in the active season (apart from winters), it’s happy and you’re doing things correctly.

1. Use this Magic Powder

Big and Bold Monstera 1

Mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in 1 gallon of water and spray it once a month on foliage. This foliar application will make the leaves big, lush, and healthy.

You can also mix a pinch of Epsom salt with all-purpose liquid fertilizer before feeding the plant.

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2. Buff and Clean

How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera 2

In order to photosynthesize, the foliage needs to be clean and dust-free. This will make the plant absorb sunlight better, helping it produce lush and big leaves.

There are many tricks for leaf cleaning, but you can do this simply by using a microfiber cloth and water. We have some good leaf shiner recipes here.

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3. Are You Sure About the Light?

Big and Bold Monstera 2

Make sure the plant gets the correct amount of light as it plays an important role in the leaf’s growth and development. Direct sun can scorch the leaves, and keeping the plant in the dark spot can stop the plant growth and make the foliage pale and droopy.

Keep it at a spot that gets filtered and indirect sunlight—A place near a sunny window, 4-5 feet away from it, would be perfect. If you notice the plant stretching for sunlight, rotate it once a week for even growth.

4. Don’t Let it Go on a Diet

How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera 3

Fertilizers also assist in healthy growth with big and beautiful foliage. Use your normal 20–20–20 blend, diluted to half of its strength, once in 6-8 weeks. Avoid feeding the plant in winters.

If you have an aquarium, it would be a great idea to pour its diluted water to boost foliage growth.

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5. We All Need a Supportive Friend

Big and Bold Monstera 3

Natively, Monsteras use their aerial roots that attach to other trees and mimicking the same while growing them in home and garden will ensure that the plant gets its native environment, which will trick it into growing lush and big leaves.

Train it along a moss pole, which would be best, or get a ladder or any other support you can find. When monstera begins to climb, you will see strong, large leaves. You can also attach its aerial roots to moss poles or bamboo stakes.

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6. Give it a Little Sauna Bath

How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera 4

Monstera, being native to tropical climates, does best in humid conditions. Try to imitate the same in your home for better growth and expose it to constant temperatures between 68-86 F (20-30 C).

In winter or dry months, boost the humidity level by turning on a humidifier near it—it is a great way to provide it with moist air. Also, if you have 4-5 plants in your home, group them together to create a tropical microclimate.

You can also mist the plant with a spray bottle a few times every week or transfer it into a more humid area. Keeping its pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water is also a great idea.

7. Don’t Let Things Get Busy at the Bottom

Big and Bold Monstera 4

A monstera in a root-bound pot will never grow a large plant with lush leaves. It will be a great idea to re-pot the plant once in 2 years. Do not go for a very large pot either—just use 1 size bigger container than the old one.

Also, it’s always good to replace the old soil with a fresh potting medium as it will give the plant all the nutrients it needs to produce bigger leaves.

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8. Make Sure it’s Always Sipping

How to Grow a Big Beautiful Monstera 5

Adequate watering is essential for promoting new and big leaf growth. The most convenient way to ascertain whether the plant is thirsty or not is by sticking the index finger in the soil—if it feels dry, water the plant till it seeps out of the drainage hole at the bottom.

Do not let the growing medium dry out completely for a long time–uneven watering and prolonged drought periods will result in a smaller new growth. You also have to make sure not to overwater the plant regularly by frequent watering, which can cause root rot and the plant dies.

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9. Old Ones Do it Better!

Big and Bold Monstera 5

If you want gigantic leaves on a Monstera, then go for a mature plant. A young and small monstera will take its own sweet time to mature and grow bigger leaves.

To make a bold statement, get a plant that’s 2-4 years old and 2-4 feet tall from a nursery. Also, don’t forget to expose it to bright indirect light most of the time.

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