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Turn your drawing room into a living green paradise using these Incredible Living Room with Garden Ideas! They’ll surely transform the indoor space.

A room full of greenery always reverberates a calm environment where anybody would love to spend time. Here are some great Living Room with Garden Ideas that’ll help you add plants to your home with style.

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Living Room with Garden Ideas

1. Indoor Garden with a Hammock

Living Room with Garden Ideas

An indoor garden with a hammock will surely bring that tropical feel to the room.

2. A Small Winter Garden Indoors

A room with an open space that looks to the garden will surely invite a green touch.

3. Living Room with an Access to the Garden

Living Room with Garden Ideas 2

Add tropical plants to the living room cum garden for that green appeal.

4. Potted Indoor Garden

You can invite greenery indoors by growing different plants in pots.

5. Vertical Garden in a Living Room

Living Room with Garden Ideas 14

Vertical gardens not only look beautiful but also offer a brilliant and green space-saving solution.

6. Living Room with an Open Garden

A large living room with an open garden gives it an airy feel.

7. Modern Urban Indoor Landscape

Living Room with Garden Ideas 15

A living room overlooking a modern garden is a design you must copy!

8. Living Room Overlooking a Garden


A large living room overlooking a garden is a sight to behold!

9. Living Room with a Green Corner

Living Room with Garden Ideas 15

A relaxing green corner in a living room is a perfect way to use the large space.

10. A Corner Garden

Living Room with Garden Ideas 3

Potted plants in a living room at the corner will convert it into a mini green garden.

11. Lush Tropical Indoor Garden

A combination of indoor palms, ferns, and other plants will make for a lush indoor garden.

12. Garden Cum Living Room

Living Room with Garden Ideas 4

A living room with tall glass doors and windows makes for a perfect spot to grow several plants.

13. Living Room with Trailing and Large Foliage Plants

Invite a jungle theme to your living room by growing trailing and large foliage plants.

14. Living Room Full of Trailing and Variegated Plants

Living Room with Garden Ideas 5

Transform your living room into a green paradise by growing trailing and variegated plants.

15. Indoor Garden by the Window


Hang pots with macrame planters and line up other potted plants on the windowsill and floor.

16. Hanging Pots Garden

Living Room with Garden Ideas 9

Grow trailing plants in hanging pots along with a few on the floor to have a mini indoor garden of your own!

17. A Quiet Green Abode


Plants around an old bookshelf and an indoor swing will make for a quiet indoor garden.

18. A Lavish Living Room with Plants

Living Room with Garden Ideas 10

A lavish living room with tall windows will provide all the light, plants in this indoor garden need.

19. Indoor Garden on Stairs

Use the stair side in your living room cleverly to make a hanging indoor garden.

20. Indoor Urban Garden

Living Room with Garden Ideas 11

A modern apartment with an indoor plant setting like this makes it stand out in style.

21. An Indoor Jungle

Growing different types of plants like this in a living room is a great way to make it look like a boho indoor jungle.

22. A Living Green Room!

Living Room with Garden Ideas 12

With so many plants in a living room, it will be more like a green room!

23. A Stylish Home Garden


An indoor garden like this in a living room is a great place for having a quiet time with the family.

24. Indoor Garden and an Open Lawn


A living room flanked by an indoor garden at one side and a green lawn at another.

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