26 Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants

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If you live in an urban apartment and don’t have much space, then try these Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants to grow them effectively.

These smart Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants are a great way to grow them in a limited space. You can try growing herbs, flowers, and some veggies this way too!

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Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants

1. Hanging Tins on a Long Drift Wood Branch


Hang planters on a driftwood branch on a window to make the best use of the space.

2. Window Boxes for Plants


Here’s a fantastic way to use the space on a window to grow multiple plants together in window boxes.

3. Plant Shelf Using Ikea GREJIG Shoe Racks


Use IKEA shoe rack to hang plants on a window. You can grow herbs like this in the kitchen.

4. Single Rail Pipe Shelving


This single rail pipe shelving by the window can accommodate multiple wooden shelves to keep pots.

5. Window Plant Shelves


Looking for a way to display your plants in a big window? These plant shelves are a great way to do it!

6. Tiered Window Plant Shelf


All you need are two different-sized wood boards, and hang them on the wall to display potted plants in style.

7. Hanging Window Shelf for Flowers

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants

Grow different flowers of your choice in a hanging wooden shelf window garden!

8. Cool Indoor Shelves

These small shelves are perfect for small windows and are also easy to install.

9. Hanging Shelf for Succulents

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 2

This wooden shelf is great to grow succulents as they’ll get all the light they need from a well-lit window.

10. DIY Plant Shelf

All you need is a wooden plank and a rope to make this one easily at home.

11. Glass or Plastic Window Shelf

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 3

The transparent look of a glass or plastic shelf will help in reflecting more light.

12. Transparent Shelf with Blinds

You can control the light falling on the pots on the shelf using the blinds easily.

13. Bay Window Plant Shelf

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 4

This bay window plant shelf is great for growing different plants like herbs and flowers together.

14. Extended Indoor Window Shelf

The extensions on the sides of this shelf make it easy for you to put larger pots.

15. Herb Garden on the Window

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 5

Window shelves are great to grow different herbs where you can get a fresh supply within your hand’s reach!

16. Single Glass Shelf


A single glass shelf on a window sill with plants and a buddha statue brings in natural and positive vibes.

17. Indoor Shelf with Macrame Planters

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 6

Two hanging Macrame Planters on either side of the shelf makes for a charming window.

18. Verticle Window Shelf in Bedroom

If you have a tall bedroom window, then use the space wisely with a verticle shelf to grow multiple plants!

19. Wooden Shelf for Different Pots

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 7

Showcase different types and varieties of pots with plants, on a hanging wooden shelf, with style.

20. Compact Window Shelf

The compact dimensions of this hanging window shelf make it perfect for apartments.

21. Hanging Window Plant Shelf

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 8

This elegant hanging window plant shelf with curtains will look perfect in bedrooms.

22. Window Shelf with Colorful Pots

Grow cacti and other succulents in trendy colorful pots.

23. Hanging Shelf for Small Pots

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 9

This small-sized shelf is ideal for growing mini plants in cute little pots.

24. Single Window Shelf

This space-saver shelf idea is perfect for kitchens and small bedrooms.

25. Transparent Shelves for Succulents

Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants 10

Transparent shelves allow you to showcase the beauty of your plants more effectively!

26. Floating Window Shelves


These floating window shelves are ideal for trailing and vining plants like pothos.

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