12 Unbelievable Tide Uses in Garden

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Do you know that you can use a household detergent in your yard in a variety of ways? Learn everything about Tide Uses in the Garden!

Tide Uses in the Garden

Most gardeners are always on the lookout for different ways to maintain their garden and yards. If you are one of them and want to use a cheap yet effective technique, then check out these amazing Tide Uses in the Garden!

Here are some helpful baking soda uses in the garden

Tide Uses in the Garden

1. Get Rid of Weeds

Mix 1/2 cup of salt, 2 cups of Tide detergent with 2 cups of vinegar in a liter of water and apply this solution directly on weeds. Apply the solution again till the weeds are gone for good. Just make sure that you are not accidentally spraying on the nearby plants as it may burn their foliage.

2. Growing Grass

Yes! You read that right! Tide has phosphates, which grasses love and it helps them to grow better and greener. Add a teaspoon of tide liquid in 5 gallons of lukewarm water and use the solution to water the grass in the yard and watch it green up! The results might not come in a jiffy, and you will have to wait to see it do its magic!

Do a small patch test before using it on the entire area. Also, make sure that you are not using more than the recommended quantity as it might burn the grass.

3. As a Spreader/Sticker

Tide Uses in the Garden 2

Mixing tide with fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides will help the chemicals to adhere and penetrate the grass and soil better. Do not use liquid tide and go for the detergent form as it has better surfactant properties. It also provides phosphates for the growth of plants.

Mix half a spoon of tide in a liter/kg of fertilizer/herbicides/insecticides. Do a small patch test before using it for the entire area.

4. Repel Deer

Deer could pose a big threat to your garden. Place a bowl full of Tide powder mixed with water near the area where they frequently visit. The strong scent of the detergent will keep them away.

5. Cleaning Pathways

In case your driveway and pathway in the garden get dirty and greasy, clean them using lukewarm water mixed with 2-3 cups of Tide detergent. This solution will get rid of all the grime and dirt from the hard floor surfaces.

6. Make Your Own Hand Cleanser

Many gardeners work with a lot of stuff that can get their hands very greasy. Make a handwash using 1 teaspoon of Tide detergent and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Wash your hands with the solution followed by a regular hand wash to strip off all the grime and oil!

7. Shine Up the Deck

Tide Uses in the Garden 3

One cup of Tide detergent powder mixed with 3/4 cup of oxygen bleach, and 1 gallon of warm water is all you need. Apply the solution and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, and scrub again. Once you rinse the solution off, the deck would shine like new as ever!

8. Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

Pick up slugs and snails from the garden and drop them in a solution of tide and water (2-3 cups of tide in a liter of water). The soapy mixture will dissolve their membranes, killing them instantly.

9. Eliminate Ants, Cockroaches, and Bugs

Mix 2 cups of tide in a liter of water, mix well, and spray the solution over ants and roaches to kill them off. It is also safe to use in the garden as it works without disrupting the pH balance or nutrient profile of the soil.

10. Control Molds

Mix a 1/2 spoon of liquid tide in a gallon of water along with a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well and spray it on the affected areas of the plant.

It is important that you do a patch test on one leaf before using the solution on the entire plant as too much of it can burn the foliage.

11. Clean Garden Tools and Pots

Tide Uses in the Garden 4

Tide is also a great choice to keep your garden tools and pots clean. Mix 2-3 spoons of tide powder in a gallon of water, mix well and use the solution to clean up tools and pots. Do not forget to give them a nice scrub!

12. Keep Garden Clothing Clean

We all ruin our clothes with mud and debris while working in the garden, and what could be better than tide to clean them! Mix 3-4 spoons of tide detergent in a gallon of water, mix well, and soak dirty clothing in the solution for 15-20 minutes. Wash with water.

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