How to Grow String of Bananas Better than Garden Centres

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To grow a lush String of Bananas like those in garden centers, start with a healthy cutting. Keep it in a warm spot, prune often, and plant cuttings around the pot for a denser look. Choose a wide, shallow pot for proper growth, mimic natural growing conditions, and check soil moisture regularly. Fertilize every 2-4 weeks with diluted weak strength liquid fertilizer for steady growth.

Want to know – How to Grow a String of Bananas the way they grow in garden centers or even better? Read this till the end!

String of banana care tips

Having a thriving Senecio redicans is a mix of care and some science! If you, too, want to have a specimen that can put the ones in garden centers to shame – try these tricks from today.

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How to Grow String of Bananas like Garden Centres

1. Start with the Most Thriving Specimen

A healthy and robust plant sets up the foundation for future specimens to come. So, if you spot a lush string of bananas anywhere, don’t forget to take a cutting from the healthiest vine and then use it to propagate a new one.

The plant will have the same genes, and it will guarantee that you will have a similar, lush specimen at your home!

Point to Note: Do not forget to maintain a moderately warm environment for the plant, which is not difficult if your home is comfortable and you like its room temperature; your string of bananas would not mind it either. Also, good air circulation is a must – the reason why growing it in a hanging basket is a good idea is to help it dangle in style and get a good air supply!

2. Snip it for Growth

Trimming is important – it makes sure that the plant looks neat and is devoid of any damaged or diseased strings or leaves. Keep an eye on any yellowing or browning parts, and cut them out timely.

Pruning above the node, especially when the plant is in its growing stage, also encourages bushier growth and you get more branches.

3. Make it Appear Bigger than it Actually Is!

What garden centers do is – they grow many string of banana plants together to create an illusion of a single, more lush plant.

Well, here’s another trick up on the sleeve! Remember pruning – the above point? How about you snip away 5-6 inches of sections of the stems and plant them in the same pot? As these segments will grow, it will make the plant appear more dense and lush!

What you can do is – plant cuttings at a distance of two inches in the same pot, all around the circumference – it will make the container fill up evenly! As the string of bananas grows slowly, it won’t create competition and will make the plant denser and full in no time!

Note: After 2-3 years, if you see the plants overcrowding the container, re-pot them into a bigger one. 

4. Go for Wider than Deeper Pots

Going for a wider than deeper pot is a good idea, as it keeps the plant in a slight root-bound stage and also gives you enough space to spread and grow those cuttings that we discussed in the above point!

A small and shallower pot (because the plant has shallower roots) will also eliminate the chances of overwatering.

Window boxes, hanging baskets, trays, and tubs are some of the fantastic choices!

5. The Right Mix of Sun and Shade

The string of bananas is a succulent, and being one, it is in love with the sunlight. However, it doesn’t mean that you should choose the sunniest spot and leave it there – NO!

Succulents thrive in bright light, but they also need some care and shade from the harsh afternoon sun, especially in warmer zones.

What you could do is mimic its natural habitat. Expose it to 4-5 hours of direct morning sun, and then make sure it gets dappled light in the afternoon. For this, an east facing window, patio, or a balcony is the apt spot.

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Note: As this plant is quite delicate, make sure that it is safe from accidental brushes and touches, which can break its stems and leaves. Also, keep it out of your pet’s reach!

6. Moisture Levels – They are Crucial

Don’t treat string of bananas like any other houseplant in your collection – this means you cannot water it with other houseplants according to their schedule.

Garden centers are well aware of this fact, and they have fine-tuned their watering to ensure they maintain the right balance. The good news is – it is not rocket science, and you can also mimic the same at home.

All you have to do is poke your finger in the growing medium every 5-7 days to see whether the soil is dry or not – if it feels dry, water it thoroughly till you see the soil is evenly wet and the water starts to seep out of the drainage hole. Once you are done, repeat it when you feel the topsoil is dry again. Simple!

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Note: Using a well-draining potting mix is an important aspect. Go for succulents or cactus mix for best results.

7. It Needs the Magic Boost!

Every plant enjoys a dose of fertilizer, and the string of bananas is no different. However, how to do it plays a crucial role, and garden centers seem to have figured it out. Don’t worry – I’ll tell you their secret!

The key here is to fertilize the plant more frequently in order to ensure it gets a steady supply of nutrients. To do this, dilute a balanced liquid fertilizer to a 1/4 or 1/6 of its recommended strength and use it every 2-4 weeks – this will give the plant a steady boost, helping it grow more leaves and stems.

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