7 Plants Similar to String of Pearls

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Do you love the string of pearls? If yes, then you’ll surely admire the appearance of these Plants Similar to String of Pearls!

Plants Similar to String of Pearls 1

If you are looking for plants that look like famous strings of pearls, we have a few that will surely catch your attention with their similar growing habit and foliage!

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Plants Similar to String of Pearls

1. String of Beads/String of WatermelonPlants Similar to String of Pearls 1

Botanical Name – Curio herreanus

Native to Namibia, string of beads is a unique succulent with small pearl-like leaves that trail down like a necklace. It’s a beautiful addition to any indoor or balcony garden.

2. String of Dolphins

Plants Similar to String of Pearls 2

Botanical Name – Senecio peregrinus

String of dolphins is a magnificent-looking succulent with tiny dolphin-shaped leaves. It can be grown indoors and outdoors in an arid, well-draining succulent mix.

3. String of NickelsPlants Similar to String of Pearls 3

Botanical Name – Dischidia nummularia

Admired for their nickel-sized green leaves, the string of nickles is a creeping plant with 7-10 mm long foliage. This succulent is an epiphyte, thus frequently seen on plants and trees.

4. String of Turtlesbest Plants Similar to String of Pearls 4

Botanical Name – Peperomia prostrata

String of turtles is a Brazilian plant with small green leaves that resemble miniature turtle shells. It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and a well-draining, acidic potting mix indoors.

5. String of Rubies Plants That Relate to Pearl Strings String of Rubies

Botanical Name – Othonna capensis

Make your indoor garden stand out with the ruby-red leaves of the string of rubies. This succulent usually produces green foliage that becomes red under stress due to heat and sunlight.

6. String of Bananas

String of Bananas Plants That Relate to Strings of Pearl

Botanical Name – Senecio radicans

Popular for its banana-shaped leaves, the string of bananas also offers white cinnamon-scented blooms on 3-foot-long slender stems. Its trailing growth habit makes its ideal for hanging planters.

7. String of Tears

Plants That Are Like a String of Pearls

Botanical Name – Curio citriformis

Its slender, teardrop-shaped leaves on trailing stems look similar to strings of pearls. These green foliage have a waxy coating and multiple translucent stripes.

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