Growing Strawberries Hydroponically | How to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries

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Growing Strawberries Hydroponically is one of the best ways to have a fresh supply of this juicy fruit at home without a garden!

Growing Strawberries Hydroponically is a new trend nowadays. In a hydroponic culture, plants do not grow in soil; instead, they grow in a water-based nutrient solution. A nutrient-rich solution, consisting of peat-moss, vermiculture, or fertilizer that supports the plant’s roots. But do ensure that the right nutrient in the right concentration is the key to growing juicy strawberries successfully.

1. Hydroponic Strawberry Tower

Growing Strawberries Hydroponically

This DIY hydroponic tower is the easiest way to grow juicy strawberries in a small space. With metal, plastic, or a wooden tower filled with a growing medium and an irrigation system, you can grow this fruit easily.

2. Simple Hydroponic Strawberries

This system was created as a school project to grow strawberries in hydroponic culture. You can imitate it using a bucket, gardening hose, water pump, and a hydroponic tray.

If you are looking forward to growing strawberries indoors, you must check out our detailed article.

3. Wall Mounted Hydroponic Growing System

Growing Strawberries Hydroponically indoors

This wall-mounted hydroponic system uses a flood and drain arrangement to supply the nutrients in all the channels using a uPVC square downpipe. You can also make it with little effort and the results will be rewarding!

To learn more about hydroponic garden ideas, read our article here.

4. How to Build Strawberry Tower

This instructional video will guide you on how to build an aquaponic or hydroponic system to grow strawberries easily.

5. Plastic Bottle Hydroponic Strawberry

You can grow hydroponic strawberries easily in a water bottle. Just cut the top part and put coconut coir along with clay pebbles inside. Put the plant in it with the nutrient solution and wrap the bottle with an aluminum foil. Watch this video for more details.

6. Mini-Hydroponic Strawberry Farms

This DIY uses a clear plastic tub, wrapped in black plastic, as a medium to implement this strawberry hydroponic system. The strawberry plants are placed in wire mesh on the top of the tub with their roots touching the mixture in water.

7. Essentials for Growing Hydroponics

You need a controlled environment for strawberries to thrive. With the right combination of growing supplies, light, nutrient solvent, and temperature, you can grow strawberries productively. Go through the article for details.

8. Growing Hydroponic Strawberries in NFT System

Hydroponic strawberries NFT

Growing strawberries in the NFT hydroponic system requires a nutrient solution to flow through all the channels at a steady rate. This detailed article on NFT hydroponic culture will give you an idea to create one for yourself.

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