When to Plant Strawberries

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Strawberry is the most amazing and versatile fruit plant that can be grown any time in moderate climates. But its planting and growing period in cold and hot climate depends on seasons, which varies according to zones. Read this post to learn When to Plant Strawberries in your zone.

50 F (10 C) – 80 F (27C) is optimum temperature for strawberry. The best time to grow it is to plant it when the temperature of your region becomes stable under this optimum range. Temperature above 85F and below 30F inflict damage on strawberry plant.

There are three types of strawberry varieties: Summer fruiting, ever-bearing and day neutral. Summer fruiting strawberries bear fruit once in a year around June. Ever-bearing verities fruit little more till late July or August. Day neutral strawberries produce crop for longest time until the late October.

In colder climates, if you’re planting it from runners, plant summer variety of strawberry between March and April, because early springs to mid summer are the most appropriate time to plant strawberries. You can also plant ‘perpetual’ or ‘day neutral’ varieties of potted strawberry plants rather than growing them from runners, in any season except winter.

As strawberries are suitable for temperate zones, growing them in hot climate is restricted to autumn and winter months and sometimes in early Spring. In Zone 9-11 and other subtropical and tropical part of the world, strawberry should be planted as an annual, from September to early March. *It is better to grow it in container in unfavorable conditions.

*Read this to learn How to Grow it.

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