Can Succulents Grow In Shade?

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Can Succulents grow in shade or they need sunlight? What are the growing requirements for these desert plants? Join us as we shed some light on this topic.

Succulents belong to the arid regions, where they thrive in full sun and dry soil. However, growing them indoors is also not much difficult, as they don’t ask for special attention and care. But, how much sunlight they need as houseplants? Can Succulents Grow in Shade? Let’s find out!

Can Succulents Grow in Shade?

Can Succulents Grow in Shade?

Succulents don’t need regular watering as they can store it in their thick fleshy leaves. This allows them to go on for days without water. But what about sun exposure? Can they grow in shade? The answer to this question is–Yes, they can grow in shade, without direct sunlight.

For this, you’ll need to choose a variety that can thrive in the shade, as there is a wide range of succulents perfect for shady corners of your garden and indoors. Some of the best ones are here!

How Much Sunlight Succulents Need?

How Much Sunlight Succulents Need?

Succulents are sun-loving plants, but they can thrive in the shade as well. Don’t confuse shade with some dark place, since some amount of light is necessary for the plant’s wellness. Therefore, pick a correct spot and locate the container where it can receive all day long, bright indirect sunlight. For instance, a shady location for indoors can be a distant window, and for outdoors, they can be kept under a shade or in the canopy of any tree.

Succulents That Can Grow In Shade

Succulents that can Grow in Shade

The sunlight requirement for these plants may vary according to the types of succulents you are growing indoors or outdoors. Some of the best shade-loving succulents are:

  • Snake Plant: Also known as mother in law’s tongue, it is a low maintenance plant that does well in the shade. However, it loses its striking color in low light.
  • Zebra cactus: It is another good option for a shade garden. Due to its small size, you can also grow these little plants in teacups, cans and mini pots.
  • Aloe: Aloe has many cultivars that thrive in shade. Some of the best ones are soap aloe, aloe vera, and krantz aloe.
  • Agave attenuata: This agave is shade resistant, and like other varieties, it loves warm growing conditions.
  • Panda plant or Kalanchoe tomentosa: This plant can survive in shade or indirect light.

Check out more shade-tolerant plants in this article!

How To Care For Succulents In Shade

Succulent Plants Care in Shade!

There are some succulents that grow in the shade, but they also need some care to flourish, and these essential tips will help you:

  • Rotate the plants once every few days as it helps in providing adequate light to all the parts.
  • Avoid overwatering, as it can result in root rot. Water only when the topsoil gets dry.
  • Select a pot with sufficient drainage holes to avoid waterlogging.
  • Avoid misting or wetting the foliage. This can lead to fungal diseases.
  • Choose the right potting mix for your succulents. You can use a cactus mix or prepare a homemade mix with the help of this tutorial.
  • Pests like mealybugs, mites, and gnats often create problems for indoor succulents. Keep them away by spraying the solution of half cup rubbing alcohol and one-quart water.
  • As succulents don’t need much fertilizer, feed them moderately.

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