Tomato Companion Plants | Companion Plants for Tomatoes

Learn about the companion plants for tomatoes. Tomato companion plants are those that help it in growing more productively.

The key of getting most productive tomato plants is to plant right companions with it. Read this article to find out which are the best companion plants for tomatoes.

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Companion planting is a sustainable way to grow healthy tomatoes without the use of toxic pesticides. Many good companion plant for tomatoes are herbs and flowers like marigold.

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Tomato Companion Plants: Herbs

Basil and tomatoes in the garden go as well together as they do in the kitchen. Plant two or three basil plants near tomatoes. They not only enhances the flavor of each other and improves growth but also keep the pests away.

Plant garlic between each tomato plant to discourage red spider mites and plant parsley to improve the taste of tomatoes. Chives and mint are pungent herbs that also deter away the pests and are compatible with tomatoes.

Plant borage near tomatoes as it protects tomato plants from tomato hornworm.

Tomato Companion Plants: Vegetables

Tomatoes also do well with beans, peas, peppers, onions and lettuce. Carrots and tomatoes also go well together, although carrots grow little stunned if planted too close to the tomato plants but their flavor will be higher.

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Tomato Companion Plants: Flowers

Flowers planted with tomatoes add variety in the garden. Plant marigolds along with tomatoes – they keep the soil healthy, prevent nematodes and discourage many common garden pests. This bright annual flower also adds color to the garden and attract beneficial insects to your tomato patch.

Calendula also keeps the pests away. As an added bonus, its flowers are edible and added in salads and desserts. Nasturtiums too are good companion plants for tomatoes.

Unsuitable Plants for Tomatoes

While some companion plants improve or do not affect the tomatoes, some plants are best avoided to be planted near them. Generally tomatoes are heavy feeders, they require lots of sun, water and nutrients so you should avoid plants that have higher growing requirements or have pests and diseases like tomatoes. Don’t pare tomatoes with cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi and other members of brassica genus, as they slow up the growth and development of tomatoes.

Tomatoes and potatoes are also not a good match – both suffer from the same pests and diseases and once it hits one plant, quickly affect the other. Corn is another plant that needs to be avoided as both are vulnerable to a worm that can be transferred between the two plants.

Plants that Do well with Tomatoes

Tomatoes when planted with some plants also help them. A bed of asparagus with a few tomato plants will be more resistant to asparagus beetle. When planted with roses, tomatoes prevent black spot in roses, a fungal disease that attacks the roses.

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