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Here are some beautiful plants with interesting and distinctive leaves. Choose your favorite Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants from the list!

These Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants have delicate hairs on the surface that is soft to touch. The leaves have a velvety feel, which also makes the plant stand out.

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Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants

1. Purple Passion

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants

Botanical Name: Gynura aurantiaca

The gorgeous green foliage has a velvety surface and deep purple hairy edges. It’s trailing pattern makes it perfect for hanging baskets.

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2. Iron Cross Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia masoniana

This begonia variety is popular for unique cross-patterned foliage. The fuzzy, gritty-textured leaves have a burgundy iron cross in the center.

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3. African Violet

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants 2

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia ionantha

The beauty of violet blooms become more intense with the dark-green velvety leaves. It thrives in the morning sun. Also, avoid overwatering.

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4. Bear Paw Jade

Botanical Name: Crassula pubescens subsp. rattrayi

This low-growing succulent forms a rosette of slightly fuzzy green leaves that turn red in full sun. It is easy to grow, but overwatering is fatal for its growth.

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5. Fung Wax Flower

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants 3

Botanical Name: Hoya curtisii

This delicate creeping vine, also known as the Porcelain flower, offers heart-shaped leaves splashed in silver with fuzzy yellow-green flowers having a red or pink center.

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6. Pussy Ears

Botanical Name: Cyanotis somaliensis

This unusual trailing houseplant features fuzzy green leaves in the shape of a kitten’s ears and looks excellent in hanging baskets. Grow this small creeping plant in a bright spot of your home.

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7. Green Goddess

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants 4

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Haageana’

‘Haageana’ is a gorgeous, soft, fuzzy succulent that displays rosettes of frosty green leaves. For best growth, never allow the water to sit in the rosette as it can cause fungal diseases.

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8. Namaqua Crassula

Botanical Name: Crassula namaquensis

This dwarf succulent shrub offers clusters of spirally arranged, hairy pale blue to blue-green leaves. It looks great in small colorful pots!

9. Piggyback Plant

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants 5

Botanical Name: Tolmiea menziesii

The fuzzy green leaves of the piggyback plant are a good choice for hanging baskets. It performs well in medium to bright light.

Note: Handle this plant carefully as it can cause skin irritation.

10. Felted Pepperface

Botanical Name: Peperomia incana

Its heart-shaped leaves are coated in white fuzzy hairs hence the name. The white hairs on the leaves protect them from sun damage and give texture to the plant.

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11. Fuzzy Mystery

Fuzzy Foliage Houseplants 7

Botanical Name: Peperomia ‘Fuzzy Mystery’

The beautiful heart-shaped leaves of ‘Fuzzy mystery’ are bright green patterned in prominent dark veins and covered with tiny hairs.

12. Tenelli

Botanical Name: Crassula mesembryanthemoides

The bright green and plumply leaves of this plant are covered with fine grey hairs, which gives it an appearance as if it is covered with a layer of frost!

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