11 Best Drought Tolerant Ferns

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Here are the Best Drought Tolerant Ferns that will thrive in your garden and home without you worrying too much about watering them!

These drought tolerant ferns thrive in conditions where other ferns may droop and die. Perfect for gardens in drier climates or for gardeners seeking low-maintenance plants!

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Best Drought Tolerant Ferns

1. Eastern Wood Fern

Drought Tolerant Ferns

Botanical Name: Dryopteris marginalis

The Eastern Wood Fern is an adaptable plant that thrives in well-draining soil. It won’t mind exposure to the full sun as long as it is not too intense.

2. Birdfoot Cliffbrake

Drought Tolerant Ferns in garden

Botanical Name: Pellaea mucronata

These drought-tolerant ferns take heat tolerance like a champ! If you have a rock garden, consider planting this for sure!

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3. Hay-Scented Fern

Dennstaedtia Punctilobula fern in hanging basket

Botanical Name: Dennstaedtia Punctilobula

Hay-scented ferns have light green, lacy fronds that release a soothing hay-like fragrance when crushed. They are a great choice for hanging baskets.

4. Christmas Fern

Drought Tolerant Ferns near wood

Botanical Name: Polystichum acrostichoides

The Christmas Fern boasts glossy, deep green fronds throughout the winter months and is quite adaptable to warmer climates.

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5. Wavy Cloak Fern

Botanical Name: Astrolepis sinuata

It is a dry habitat fern that can withstand dry conditions without too much trouble. An ideal pick for low-water gardens.

6. Spiny Cliffbrake

Drought Tolerant Ferns between stones

Botanical Name: Pellaea truncata

This fern is native to the US and Northern Mexico, where it grows well in rocky areas, like cliffs and slopes, due to its remarkable drought resilience.

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7. Deer Tongue Fern

Deer Tongue Fern in pot

Botanical Name: Elaphoglossum

The Deer Fern stores water in its fleshy rhizomes that act as internal reservoirs, holding moisture for later use – making it a star drought-tolerant plant.

8. Lip Fern

Lip drought fern

Botanical Name: Cheilanthes

It is also known as Hairy Lip Fern or Rock Fern and handles dry areas quite well. Even if you water it a little later than usual, it won’t mind it.

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9. Deerfoot Fern

Deerfoot Fern in gardenBotanical Name: Notholaena standleyi

This fern’s fronds get curled in periods of droughts to minimize sun exposure on the leaves, making it suitable for semi-arid areas.

10. Goldenback Fern

Goldenback Fern

Botanical Name: Pityrogramma triangularis

Goldenback Fern is native to California; unlike most other ferns, it requires very little water for its survival. It does best in partial shade, making it a perfect choice for arid areas.

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11. Sword Fern

Botanical Name: Polystichum munitum

The gorgeous fronds of this fern look great in both gardens and homes – it is quite resilient when it comes to handling dry and warm climatic conditions.

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