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21 Mounted Staghorn Fern Ideas

Mounted Staghorn Fern Ideas – A cool way to transform the look of your room with these hanging beauties with large leaves!

Our curated collection of Mounted Staghorn Fern Ideas invites you on a captivating journey, exploring innovative ways to bring the enchanting allure of ferns into your home. From rustic wooden plaques adorned with vibrant green antlers to burlap-wrapped wonders exuding earthy charm, we have it all!

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Mounted Staghorn Fern Ideas

1. Wooden Board for Staghorn Fern

Mounted Staghorn Fern 1
inspired by charm

Follow this DIY to learn how to create this by attaching a staghorn fern plant to a wooden board using screws, fishing lines, and moss, providing a unique and stylish way to display greenery in your home.

2. Mounted Staghorn Fern Entryway


Want to spruce up your entryway? Do so by covering the walls in wooden planks and adding a touch of natural elegance with mounted staghorn, creating a welcoming and visually stunning space.

3. Minimalistic Staghorn Fern Decor

Mounted Staghorn Fern 3

Achieve minimalist sophistication by mounting a staghorn fern on parchment paper using its own leaves, creating a simple yet elegant botanical wall art piece.

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4. Cedar Cigar Box for Staghorn Fern


Transform an old cedar cigar box into a unique decorative piece by mounting a staghorn fern on its lid, blending vintage charm with botanical beauty for a one-of-a-kind display. You can find more details here.

5. Mounted Staghorn on Painted Plank

Mounted Staghorn Fern 5

Create a striking focal point by mounting a staghorn fern on a black-painted wooden plank adorned with moss, merging modern elegance with natural allure for a captivating wall decor statement. Check it out here.

6. Cork Bark and Slate Mount


Achieve a rustic and earthy aesthetic by mounting a staghorn fern on a backdrop of cork bark and slate, blending natural textures for a captivating display that harmoniously combines the beauty of nature and raw materials. Here’s the tutorial.

7. Staghorn Fern on Dried Bark

Mounted Staghorn Fern 7

By mounting a staghorn fern on dry bark, you can create this stunning wall display that celebrates the raw textures and organic charm of the outdoors.

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8. DIY Staghorn Fern Wall Mount


Mount a staghorn fern gracefully on a polished wooden board, infusing your home with botanical elegance and transforming your walls into a living masterpiece.

9. Antler Style Mounting for Staghorn Fern

Mounted Staghorn Fern 9

Channel the spirit of the wild indoors with a unique twist. Mount staghorn ferns in a way that mimics vegan antlers, creating a visually striking and ethically conscious display.

10. Staghorn Beauties Mounted on Fishing Lines


This innovative star-shaped display not only adds dimension to your space but also imparts a sense of enchantment and grace, making your home a true sanctuary of natural wonder.

11. Rustic Bark Display with Staghorn Fern

Mounted Staghorn Fern 11

Add the rustic allure of nature to your home by mounting staghorn ferns on a backdrop of lush moss and weathered dried bark.

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12. Hanging Container Garden Staghorn Marvel


Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you witness the fusion of art and botanical wonder right in the heart of your home. This hanging container garden adorned with vibrant staghorn ferns will create a lush oasis suspended in mid-air.

13. Staghorn Fern Mounted on Wooden Plank

Mounted Staghorn Fern 13

This minimalist yet captivating display combines the raw charm of natural wood with the elegance of staghorn ferns, creating a harmonious wall art piece.

14. Photo Frame Mount Idea

Each fern becomes a living art piece, enhancing the beauty of your space while preserving the essence of your most treasured experiences in this photo frame idea.

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15. Staghorn Ferns Perched on a Wooden Stump

Mounted Staghorn Fern 15

The sturdy wooden stump base adds an earthy charm, creating a stunning focal point that effortlessly blends the wild and the refined.

16. Staghorn Fern on Mossy Bark


This magical display intertwines the lushness of green moss with the graceful fronds of staghorn ferns, creating a mesmerizing fusion of textures and hues.

17. Kitchen Cutting Board for Staghorn

Mounted Staghorn Fern 17

This innovative culinary-inspired display not only adds a touch of greenery to your cooking space but also transforms a utilitarian item into a work of art.

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18. Staghorn Fern Woodland Style Sign


Welcome guests with a touch of woodland enchantment as staghorn ferns adorn a shield-shaped wooden sign at your entryway, just like this idea.

19. Staghorn Fern Mounting for Indoor Decor

Mounted Staghorn Fern 19

You can add this amazing and stunning beauty of staghorn ferns with a wooden plaque, moss, and fishing wire, transforming your interior into a vibrant sanctuary. Check out the DIY here.

20. Mounting with Closet Core Patterns


One of the most amazing and unique ideas of Staghorn mounting, you can also make a similar one with the step-by-step guide here. All you need is a wooden plank, potting soil, sheet moss, and some tools.

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21. On Wooden Plank and Burlap

Mounted Staghorn Fern 21

Uniting the raw beauty of wood and the earthy charm of burlap, this DIY project offers a touch of organic elegance to your space. Want to do it yourself? Here’s the video tutorial.


With these simple and creative Mounted Staghorn Fern Ideas, you can transform any space into a cozy haven. So, grab some wood and a bit of moss, and get your hands dirty. It’s not just about decoration; it’s about bringing nature into your daily life.

Give it a go and watch your surroundings come to life with the beauty of these mounted ferns. Happy crafting!


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