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5 Partial Shade Herbs You Can Grow

If you have a balcony or a spot on your patio that is partially shaded and doesn’t receive a day long sun, then grow these shade loving herbs!

Do you have a gardening space left abandoned because it’s shady? Do you want to grow something useful rather than fancy indoor plants, grasses, and ivy? Do you want to utilize your gardening space better than before? If yes, then this article is for you. Grow these five shade loving herbs and use up your space fuller.

Herbs listed in this article almost have same basic requirements: Avoid afternoon sun, do the regular deep watering, provide moist and slightly acidic soil, partial shade and a few hours of direct sunlight are all you need to let them foster.

1. Mint

mint in herb planter This refreshing herb is perfect and productive for a cool and shady corner of your garden, a herb that you can try growing even on a balcony that is East or North facing. It loves moist soil and coolness around it, provide at least 3-4 hour of direct sunlight. You can also grow mint indoors!

2. Cilantro

herb for shade Cilantro is one of the most popular herbs in the Indian subcontinent, Mexico, and the Middle East. It is easy to grow and prefer moderate temperature. Unlike mint, it loves a little warm refuge, and a doesn’t mind the full sun. Easy to grow in USDA Zones 6 to 11, you can also try growing it in partial shade. It requires rich and moist soil and sunlight at least 4-5 hours.

3. Parsley

parsley in salad One of the easiest herbs and a forgiving plant. If you have started herb gardening recently, try growing parsley. It loves a slightly acidic soil and needs to be planted in moderately warm and shady place. It can be grown in East facing balcony and requires sunlight for around 3-4 hours and moist soil.

4. Wild Garlic

wild garlic Allium ursinum or wild garlic is a second most productive shade loving herb after mint written in our herbs list. Its aroma is milder than garlic cloves, holds sweetness in flavor. It can be grown from both seeds and bulbs, needs regular watering, cool surrounding but a lower amount of direct sunlight.

5. Wasabi

wasabi planter You can use wasabi leaves fresh in baked potatoes, pasta, and in gravies. It’s a rare herb can’t be grown easily; native to Japan. This peppery and acrid herb is slightly difficult to grow because it needs some accurate requirements like temperature around 8 C to 20 C (46 F to 70 F) with particularly cool but humid environment, partial shade, regular watering and slightly acidic soil.

It is possible to grow these herbs in partial sun and the shade, grow them in those spots that don’t receive all day long direct sunlight.

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If you have a balcony or a spot on your patio that is partially shaded and doesn't receive a day long sun, then grow these shade loving herbs!


  1. I love the ideas! However, it states that there are 15 and there are only 5. I think it’s a typo, maybe? Might wanna fix that. Thanks for the ideas!


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