12 Best Partial Shade Herbs You Can Grow

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Here are the best Partial Shade Herbs you can grow in a balcony or a spot on your patio that doesn’t receive direct sunlight all day long!

Do you have a gardening space left abandoned because it’s shady? Do you want to grow something useful rather than fancy indoor plants? If yes, then this article is for you! Grow these Partial Shade Herbs and enjoy a fresh and organic harvest!

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Best Partial Shade Herbs

For best growth, you need to provide a minimum of 2-4 hours of direct sunlight to these herbs. If you have a well-lit spot on your balcony, windowsill, or patio, then you can easily grow these herbs all year-round. 

1. Mint

Partial Shade Herbs

This refreshing herb is perfect and productive for a cool and shady corner of your garden. It loves moist soil and coolness around it—provide 3-4 hours of direct sunlight for best growth.

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2. Cilantro


Cilantro is one of the best Partial Shade Herbs in the Indian subcontinent, Mexico, and the Middle East. Easy to grow in USDA Zones 6 to 11, you can also try growing it in partial shade.

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3. Parsley

If are new to herb gardening, try growing parsley. It loves slightly acidic soil and needs a warm and shady place. Grow it in an East facing balcony for best results.

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4. Wild Garlic

Allium ursinum or wild garlic is milder than garlic cloves and has a distinct sweetness in flavor. If you have a balcony that gets 2-3 hours of direct sun, then it will grow easily.

5. Wasabi

You can use wasabi leaves fresh in baked potatoes, pasta, and in gravies. It’s a rare herb that can be grown easily in partial shade with regular watering and slightly acidic soil.

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6. Dill


A herb with several medical benefits and a spicy flavor is popular in myriad dishes, salads, soups, and pickles. Grow it in a well-draining medium for a season-long harvest.

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7. Sorrel

A leafy herb with a sour lemony flavor that adds the perfect tanginess to stews, curries, and soups. Keep it at a spot that gets 2-3 hours of bright sun.

8. Chives

shutterstock/Jana Kollarova

A member of the onion family, chive is a popular ingredient in a variety of dishes including soups, dips, and seafood. Keep it at a bright spot and grow in a well-draining medium.

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9. Lovage


Lovage leaves and stalks are widely consumed as tea and vegetable; also the rhizomes add flavor to confectionery and liqueurs. It is one of the best partial shade herbs you can grow.

10. Chervil

A culinary herb that has a mild licorice flavor and is used to season poultry and seafood. Chervil grows best in a cool, moist, and shady location.

11. Thyme

With a powerhouse of medicinal benefitsThyme adds flavor to savory dishes, soups, stocks, teas, and cocktails. Grow the herb in well-draining soil and 2-3 hours of sun for a lush harvest.

12. Sweetgrass


Sweetgrass adds a soft vanilla flavor to tea, soft drinks, and vodka. The plant loves partial shade and is popular for many religious and spiritual purposes, too.

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