20 DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

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These DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas are perfect to turn boring flat areas of your home into miniature focal points.

In this article, we will share easy designs to create your own little ecosystem anywhere in the house! Check out some fabulous DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas below!

20 Really Cute Tabletop Garden DIYs for 2023

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

1. Teacup Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 1

This teacup tabletop garden idea has little succulents and chair to make it look appealing! Here’s the DIY.

2. Fairy Garden Cottage

Looking for a tabletop fairy garden that won’t take much work? Here’s the idea you’ve been searching for.

3. Pumpkin Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 3

With fall just around the corner, why not go with this beautiful and exciting pumpkin fairy garden? You can keep it on tabletops, shelves, and anywhere else! DIY here.

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4. Tabletop Fairy Garden with a House

Follow this quick and easy DIY to learn how to make this fairy garden house using an old birdhouse and seed packets.

5. Fairy Garden in a Terrarium

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 5

This stunning mason jar fairy garden terrarium with faux plants and flowers is a must have! Check it out here.

6. Gnome Fairy Garden

A little bit of fairy garden supplies and a little bit of elbow grease can turn into a magical tabletop focal point for your home. Here’s how to make it.

7. Twig and Moss Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 7

Need a touch of wild and vintage for the dinner table? This twig and moss fairy garden is perfect for you! Tutorial here.

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8. Fairy Garden House

This DIY tabletop indoor fairy garden house can be made easily from terra cotta pots. Learn how to make it here.

9. Fairy Garden Glass Bowl

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 9

Need a cheap tabletop fairy garden idea? Here’s one that you can make with an old glass jar and dollar store finds. Check it out here.

10. Small Fairy House Pot

This fairy house pot DIY for tabletops can be used to grow any flower of your choice! Here’s the DIY.

11. Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 11

Take a wooden bucket and put it to good use for a beautiful fairy garden tabletop idea with a vintage touch with this DIY here.

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12. Fairy Garden for Tables

This tabletop fairy garden is absolutely gorgeous and is also really easy to make with wooden section, some pebbles, and plants. Here’s how to make it.

13. Mini Terrarium Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 13

Love fairies and succulents? You’ll need Succulents, Gardening Charcoal, Growing medium, Stones & Pebbles, Large Round Glass Fish Bowl, and Fairy Miniature Ornaments. Check it out here.

14. Cheap DIY Tabletop Fairy Garden Idea

With some wood, string, marbles, and mini fairies, you, too, can create this cheap and pretty fairy garden. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

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15. Fun Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 15

Grab a woven basket, small plants of varying heights and textures, moss and moss-covered rocks, a small glass house and some other supplies. DIY here.

16. Mini Fairy Garden for Tabletops

Create your own indoor fairy garden with just a wide pot, plants, a birdhouse or structure, sticks, branches, and a few other supplies. It’s easy and magical! Here’s the DIY.

17. Tabletop Fairy Garden in a Bowl

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 17

Check out this video to discover how to create a fairy garden with ease. This idea is perfect for gifting!

18. Mason Jar Fairy Garden

Create a charming mason jar fairy garden with tiny plants, miniature decorations, and a sprinkle of magic! DIY here.

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19. Rustic Fairy Garden

DIY Tabletop Indoor Fairy Garden 19

All you need for this DIY project is a grapevine ball, LED light strand, sheet moss, Spanish moss, and fairy garden supplies.

20. Fairy Garden from Terra Cotta Pots

This DIY fairy garden is nice because the base is clay pots – inexpensive yet durable. You can use some inexpensive wood pieces and paints from your stash. Check it out here.

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